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Category: State Department
Sub-Category: subState Department
Project: MoChhatua
Start Date: 2019-08-16
Organisation: Women & Child Development Department Government of Odisha
Respondent: Mr Aravind Agrawal Director, Social welfare & ICDS
Level: Excellence Plus


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Women & Child Development Department, Government of Odisha.


Nutrition is closely related to health and is essential to growth and development. Nutritional interventions delivered on time, as well as age-appropriate complementary feedings, are beneficial in improving nutritional outcomes in children. Odisha outperformed other empowered action group states by closely monitoring this process from THR production to beneficiary consumption.

There are difficulties in tracking the state of the government’s activities in producing and supplying SHGs. Due to paper-based and physical reporting, it is difficult to track real-time status and reports. There are also issues with keeping track of grievances.


Tracking the status of indenting, work order generation, procurement, production, inspection, supply, distribution, invoice generation, and payment to SHGs is simple with the MoChhatua web and app. The dashboard provides an easy way to monitor real-time status and report information. Furthermore, grievances can be easily traced using the portal.

Supervisors must submit the indent by the 10th of the month using the MoChhatua application. Every month, CDPOs will approve the indent and create a work order by the 12th. On the 23rd of the month, supervisors will update the inspection details. Supervisors will upload THR mixing photos on the 23rd (fixed) via the MoChhatua application. SHGs will update supply details by the last day of the month, beginning on the 25th, via the MoChhatua application. SHGs will generate invoices by the 5th of the next month after amending the supply data. Every month, SHGs will update stock details through the Mochhatua application before the end of the month. CDPOs will recommend the invoice through the web by the 10th of the following month. The invoice will be approved by DSWOs, and further steps will be taken to complete the payment. SHGs will use the Mochhatua programme to update their payment confirmation. 


The Management Information System and Application offers both an interactive and end-to-end platform. It increases transparency in procurement, invoicing, production, and payment, allowing authorities to eliminate bottlenecks and handle concerns in real time. Mochhatua is now being used in 30 districts. 

A vibrant community of nearly 7000 exceptional women from all around Odisha who run 568 THR manufacturing units that create high-quality THR for Odisha’s pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as children. The THR production process involves 568 SHGs.It engages 7,000 women in the industrial process. There are 72,602 AWCs covered. 25.5 lakhs people are covered.

SNP’s Components

  • Snacks for Kids in the Morning: (3 years to 6 years)
  • Children’s Hot Cooked Meals (3 years to 6 years)
  • THR: Children (6 months to 3 years), Pregnant and Nursing Mothers, Severely Underweight Children, Adolescent Girls

Pregnant and lactating women; children aged 6 months to 3 years who do not visit the AWC on a daily basis are given Take Home Ration [THR]. THR is given to very underweight children (ages 3-6) in addition to the Hot Cooked Meal. THR assists in improving the nutrition of the community’s neglected and vulnerable populations. THR offers a standard menu that meets the protein and calorie requirements while staying within the permitted ration cost.

The following are some of the recipients covered by Take Home Ration (THR):

  • Children (6 months to 3 Years)
  • Mothers who are pregnant or nursing
  • Severely Underweight Children
  • Adolescent Girls


One of the most difficult issues we had was getting the SHGs and AWWs to use the applications. Many of them had never used a smartphone before. They required more assistance in order to use the application. After two months of testing, it can be seen that utilisation numbers in Khordha were improving in March and April.  All CDPOs have added their SHGs and assigned them to their respective AWCs. The app is being used by all of the supervisors to submit indents. All CDPOs are approving indents and creating work orders through their individual web logins. The software is being used by all SHGs to input supply data and invoices. CDPOs are authorising bills, and DSWO is monitoring all procedures via the dashboard and has updated the relevant information at her end as well. During State Level Master training, CDPOs and SHGs demonstrated software usage in front of the Secretary, MWCD, Government of India and the Principal Secretary, WCD, Government of Odisha. Training is provided to all users throughout the state, as well as refresher trainings by master trainers.


Mo-Chhatua’ website is a repository for information pertaining to infrastructure & machineries of Take-Home Ration (THR) producing and supplying SHGs, training modules, guidelines/ protocols, orders/ executive instructions/compendiums of the Government.

Users can easily visit the MoChhatua site to evaluate all aspects of the THR process. Paperless aspects of the system include timely alerts to officials for action and automation of the invoice submission and approval procedure. It is a more accurate and rapid process in comparison to the paper-based approach, and the numerous activities are being tracked seamlessly using this platform. It offers a clear information structure as well as tracking and resolution of various issues. THR tracking is smooth combining photographs and inspection data from all THR plants The Management Information System and Application provide an interactive as well as an end-to-end platform for real-time monitoring of indenting, work order issuing, THR production/supply, and payment to THR producing SHGs. This approach improves transparency in procurement, indenting, manufacturing, and payment. It is enforcing punctuality and strengthening the fixed day strategy for mixing Chhatua components on the 23rd of every month and distributing them on the 1st of the next month. Authorities can use the technology to eliminate bottlenecks and handle concerns in real time.


The project will be continued for tracking various activities throughout the state.

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