There is enough ‘good’ going on in the country. These are ‘good’ people, practices and projects that are important for the country to take note of and learn from to shorten the development and deployment cycle and bring in a higher degree of efficiency in both design and implementation.

Like information silos, silos of ‘good’ are a big problem in national replication or even local scaling. Often, such good solutions in one place leave some unaddressed challenges that are addressed by some other good solution elsewhere. Similarly, there is a challenge of not learning from felt-needs, user experience and expert opinion across domain since there is no mechanism to gather, collate and channelise this.

For decades, SKOCH Awards, Summits and the Evidence of Excellence exhibitions have fulfilled this crucial gap by extensively studying the ‘good’ through evaluation by an independent Jury, documentation, field visits and beneficiary inputs and then showcasing the best for the benefit of other users and beneficiaries across domains.

This also serves as a national clearing house on the state-of-the art in every focused domain. It is also a feedback point for ministers and policy makers on what is working well and what needs to be change. Delegates, Jury and experts cast a vote during ‘Evidence of Excellence’ exhibition on whether the ‘good’ indeed is the ‘best’ and worthy of being honoured with SKOCH Award. This then is the final step in the journey towards becoming a recognised ‘great’ by India’s honest independent honour