YSR AASARA – Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty, Government of Andhra Pradesh

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: State
Sub-Category: Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
Start Date: 2020-09-11
Organisation: Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty,
Government of Andhra Pradesh
Respondent: Mr A.Md Imtiaz, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, SERP
Level: Premium


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Case Study

YSR Aasara Helps Urban & Rural SHGs In Andhra Pradesh With Financial Aid


The Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty, Government of Andhra Pradesh introduced YSR Aasara to help urban and rural poor women in Andhra Pradesh with financial aid for income-generation.


Outstanding SHG loan details were furnished by bankers and crosschecking with branch managers was challenging. Similarly, recording all member account information with details like caste, subcaste, etc. and verifying SHG SB account details was also challenging. The CFMS payment process also posed some challenges and SHGs and their members had to be educated about the funds they would get. In some cases, loans had not been tagged to the SHGs or had been incorrectly tagged.


Necessary provisions were introduced to correct the loan tagging issues. Validation checks helped prevent duplicate account information and were confirmed by the APM. Errors were fixed prior to funds disbursal. The Hon’ble CM’s letter to SHG members shared details about funds. Beneficiary accounts have to be registered before payments can be routed to the CFMS.


Nearly 80 lakh poor SHG women from urban and rural communities will benefit under the programme. The scheme helps all eligible women and teaches them to invest the programme funds in income-generating pursuits. The project cultivates a repayment culture. It explores employment opportunities in existing small and medium businesses. A dynamic, user-friendly system is used to record all scheme data accurately. This has also increased transparency in the process and funds disbursement.


The key challenges were guaranteeing the fund amounts reach all the eligible SHGs and their members, guaranteeing accuracy in database maintenance and creating awareness amongst the beneficiaries about the scheme. Managing web application traffic, generating PDFs for 80 lakh SHG members, safely disbursing large amounts of funds and guaranteeing data integrity in loan and SB accounts were some of the technical challenges.


Customised data processing and strong workflow processes have ensured efficient implementation. Biometric authentical is used to confirm identity for funds disbursement via DBT.


There is a 4-year plan for the scheme, and scope for future expansion should the government see fit.


The scheme has benefited all eligible women without any kind of discrimination.

For more information, please contact:
Mr A.Md Imtiaz, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, SERP at ceo.serp@gmail.com

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