Zilla Parishad Fund Monitoring System – Rural Development Department, Government of Maharashtra

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: State – Department
Sub-Category: subState – Department
Project: Zilla Parishad Fund Monitoring System
Start Date: 2021-04-01
Organisation: Rural Development Department, Government of Maharashtra
Respondent: Mr Nitin Pawar, Section Officer IT
Level: Premium Plus


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Case Study

The objective was to provide a solution for Zilla Parishad and Panchayat Samiti to manage day-to-day finance, accounts, and budgetary work and to provide an easy and simple way to plan, monitor, and control the entire workflow of funds allocation and payments across the entire organisation. The focus is on reducing the redundancy of work by single point data entry in standard format. ZPFMS system is developed for the schemes funded by the Zilla Parishad. Free software is developed by the bank to monitor funds and disburse funds from the system and maintain its audit trail for all transactions.


  • Preparation and allocation of budget had to be compiled manually, which was a very complex and confusing task that led to delays and decrease in the efficiency of the department.
  • Report generation was a manual and time-consuming process as the data source was majorly paper-based files and distributed across different files therefore the chances of error were high as the data was entered in spreadsheets by multiple users and on multiple instances.
  • One of the serious issues was no ongoing record following instrument, no continuous administrative approval, budget spent and unspent equilibrium status accessible.
  • No connection between the payment portal and the works system, hence there were chances and high risk of multiple payments, wrong payments and even deliberate forging.
  • Lack of mechanism to restrict duplicate bill generation and posting caused a higher possibility of work pendency.


  • Budget planning to empower the initiative at Zilla Parishad to design their spending plans and execute the ventures and focus on projects in a compelling way.
  • Monitoring & Real-time Reports to update real-time dashboards and present the status on at which stage an undertaking is. It likewise gives different promptly accessible reports which are needed by the review divisions.
  • Fund transfer & Audit trail to enhance efficiency as it initiates electronic payments directly to contractors with additional validation and security as the system is deployed on the banking servers. The system records the entire journey of the file and all the approvals and changes to provide more transparency.
  • Bank of Maharashtra was selected by the department for the development and maintenance of the system. Bank of Maharashtra onboarded M/s PRM Software Solutions to develop, implement and maintain this solution and Bank of Maharashtra will support the department in the fund transfer system.
  • Training for the clients of the framework was directed by the Bank of Maharashtra and PRM programming arrangements.


  • One of the major outcomes of the project is that now offline system has been replaced by an online system without any requirement of a physical touchpoint.
  • Implementation of ZPFMS makes processes less time-consuming, easy to retrieve and offers to give better control over the system.
  • The entire process and reports of Zilla Parishad works is made available in Digital mode and ZPFMS allows to find out errors in lesser time as compared to the traditional way.
  • The automatic bank book reconciliation feature and mechanism helps to restrict duplicate Bill generation and posting.
  • Dual Stage authorisation ensures minimum risk during transactions. Report generation strictly adheres to Government norms/formats.
  • Minimum levels of work pendency can be easily ensured. “One-click – One place” 24×7 information available to administrators and users of the system.
  • Online availability of the data helped in administrative planning for the future, which makes the future planning of the policies to be more effective and appropriate.
  • The system provides validations at various levels to remove inefficiencies & data redundancies.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Nitin Pawar, Section Officer IT at sosan.rdd-mh@nic.in

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