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Category: Smart Cities
Sub-Category: Smart Cities – Transportation & Mobility
Project: Smart E Bus
Start Date: 09-Feb-2019
Organisation: Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited
Level: Premium
Respondent: Dr Sanjay Kolte

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Case Study

Establishing a sustainable transport across cities is a mandate of Smart Cities mission and is one of the key sustainable goals. This project was envisaged to develop infrastructure in the city there by indirectly reducing the energy consumption and improve the efficiency of public transport. E-Bus project is implemented in Pune with the aim to reduce carbon emission, reduction in fuel consumption with improved performance. Pune is the No 1 City to purchase

and deploy electrical buses in the state. The project is implemented in GCC model, thereby there is no additional burden on the city’s exchequer.

PSCDCL has been working with Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) for the Smart E-Bus project for Pune City. PSCDCL has also earmarked funds as contribution for the procurement of electric buses as well as support facilities such as charging infrastructure, in line with the Pune Smart City Plan.

Smart E-buses and other related projects being implemented in accordance with smart mobility are going to help smoothening public transport in Pune city. It will help in getting rid of hassles in the public transport.


  • PMPML’s bus fleet is depleted and has been prone to service disruptions. 
  • They run on conventional fuel making them expensive to run, also leading to lot of pollution. 
  • The buses required multiple rounds of maintenance there by leading to increased expense on maintenance. 
  • Due to unplanned service disruptions, citizens trust on the service efficiency declined. 
  • There was an imminent to revamp the fleet.


  • PSCDCL, under the smart city mission and PMPML, the transport authority of the city and Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) have come together to revamp the fleet. 
  • PMPML took up the responsibility of conducting the technical assessment of the bus
  • designs and equipment. 
  • PSCDCL supported in the financial front. 
  • PMC provided the overall guidance and support
  • All the agencies agreed and implemented this as a convergence project under the smart city mission. 
  • Detailed studies were conducted to assess the feasibility of implementing charging stations across the city and also to manage the fleet. 
  • Pilots were conducted to see the efficiency of the buses and also the performance.


  • Front and Rear Air suspension – increases convenience and Comfort.
  • Regenerative Breaking Recover upto 30% Energy.
  • Disk Breaks with ABS – Better Safety in traffic condition 
  • Efficient breaking system powered by ABS
  • Monocoque chassis in wheel drive – Best in class features improves safety, comfort and reliability


  • Nine meter Non-BRT buses have achieved 10-20 % rise in the revenue compared to the old buses
  • Zero Emission helps clean environment; zero pollution
  • No sound pollution, no Vibrations, no jerks
  • No breakdowns, no trip cancellation
  • Great Response and increasing demand from public
  • Air Conditioned bus at regular charges
  • Digital Route Board helps passengers taking correct bus
  • No additional ticket charge

Pune’s carbon emissions have reduced significantly along with the dependency on fossil fuels. This in turn has reduced the expenditure and daily maintenance costs. The buses have no noise pollution and the reduced noise thereby reducing the overall livability in the city. With air conditioning in all the buses, there is an increased level of citizen satisfaction. Also the service reliability has increased.

The inclusion of an alternate fuel technology buses in the fleet of PMPML shall aid towards improvement in air quality in the city in the longer run and reduce dependency on liquid fuel to the extent possible.

Pune is the first city in the State of Maharashtra to implement the project making it the torch bearer. The project is initiated with the procurement of 25-buses and the second phase involves additional 125-buses to be procured. One of the pre-requisites for the replicability is to ensure charging equipment is set up across the city. Once this requirement is catered to with proper planning, procurement and running of buses would be easily replicable.

For more information, please contact:
Dr Sanjay Kolte, CEO, Pune Smart City at

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