Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System – Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation

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Category: Services – State Owned Enterprise
Sub-Category: SubServices – State Owned Enterprise
Project: Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System
Start Date: 2018-02-28
Organisation: Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation
Respondent: Mr Suhas Shivajirao Jadhav, General Manager (Traffic)
Level: Club


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Case Study

Technology Enablement


MSRTC’s objective is to build intelligence into the transport system thereby bringing in the convergence of technologies by providing a synergetic transformation in the commuter experience. MSRTC has a fleet strength of 17,000 buses and operates 75,000 trips daily predominantly in rural areas across Maharashtra and adjoining states. MSRTC VTS-PIS provides benefits in terms of reduced waiting time for passengers, increased accessibility of the system, increased passenger safety and trust, improved traffic efficiency by providing actual data for route planning and route rationalization.


Earlier, there was a problem with real-time tracking and monitoring of the Buses and  No means were available to know the status of arrival or departure of the bus/schedules. No mechanism was available to monitor the driving habits of drivers such as harsh braking, harsh accelerations, overspeeding, etc. 


Under this programme, there was the implementation of Geographical Positioning System (GPS) and GSM technology used for tracking and monitoring buses, resulting in all the bus stops and bus stations being Geo-coded across Maharashtra and its adjoining state. Special Provisions for women safety Panic buttons are installed on buses.


Now the availability of Real-Time Tracking and monitoring of Buses and Information like ETA, ETD, locations, stops, details of vehicles etc. are available to commuters through mobile applications. Improved efficiency in crew management has been ensured through effective monitoring of alerts or reports generated by the system.


Setting up more than 1 lakh stops that were to be geo-coded across Maharashtra and neighbouring states and Geo-coding stops at remote areas across Maharashtra were the biggest challenge. The other challenge was to give training to more than 10,000 + employees at 31 divisions and 250 depots.


Integration of the existing ticketing system with the Vehicle Tracking System and Customization of the system as per the MSRTC working environment was the major innovation in this programme.


There is an opportunity to implement VTS-PIS to new owned and hired buses procured on a y-o-y basis and Installation of Panic buttons as per AIS -140 in Maharashtra. 

For more information, please contact:
Mr Suhas Shivajirao Jadhav, General Manager (Traffic) at

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  1. Excellent project conceived by the MSRTC Management and under the able guidance and leadership of Mr. Suhas Jadhav , its deliverables are of good use to all stake holders

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