Maharashtra Film Cell – Single Window System for Film Shooting Permission Maharashtra Film, Stage & Cultural Development Corporation Ltd.

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Category: Tourism – State Department
Sub-Category: subTourism – State Department
Project: Maharashtra Film Cell – Single Window System for Film Shooting Permission
Start Date: 2019-08-14
Organisation: Maharashtra Film, Stage & Cultural Development Corporation Ltd.
Respondent: Mr Kailash Pagare, Managing Director
Level: Club Plus


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Case Study

Simplifying The Film Shooting Permission Process.


The Maharashtra Film Cell (MFC) is a step towards streamlining the filming permission process in the state of Maharashtra. Film cell focuses on integrating the process followed by multiple states and central government departments and offers a single portal for film shooting permission at government-owned locations or premises.


The applicants had to fill out multiple physical forms and the application process included multiple visits to various authorities which prolonged the process. It was difficult to highlight the exact point or position where the shoot would take place thus creating anomalies. Also, the status tracking of the application was not possible.


The introduction of a Common Application Form (CAF) along with integration with other government portals and with google maps to pinpoint the exact location for filming in the state. The MFC has even enabled live tracking of the application. 


The portal has eased the application filing process and saves time for the applicants. 


Key departments that were providing shooting permission showed reluctance to change the current process.


The system is seamless without the need for any human intervention along with status updates through emails and SMS and provides a single digitally signed NOC from MFC, verifiable on the same portal. 


After its successful implementation in the Mumbai & Mumbai suburban areas, MFC will now be rolled out in the rest of Maharashtra in Phase II.


The single window system has helped to speed up the application process. During the pandemic, the team at MFC helped in processing 600+ applications to provide NOC as per guidelines mentioned by governing bodies.

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Mr Kailash Pagare, Managing Director at

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