Bhal Waterlogged Area Problem Resolved By Good Governance – Irrigation Department Bhavnagar, Gujarat

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Category: Narmada and Water Resources – State Department
Sub-Category: subNarmada and Water Resources – State Department
Project: Bhal Waterlogged Area Problem Resolved By Good Governance
Start Date: 2021-03-12
Organisation: Irrigation Department Bhavnagar, Gujarat
Respondent: Mr Dharmesh Rohitbhai Patel, Executiive Engineer
Level: Club Plus


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Case Study

A Solution For Natural Disaster.


The irrigation department of Bhavnagar, Gujarat initiated the project in the Bhal waterlogged area to resolve the issue with good governance.


The monsoon flood in the Bhal region reduced the oxygen level of the soil which disturbed the agricultural activities and biodiversity in the region. Also, the waterlogged area reduced the production of salt pans.


After identifying the flood-affected area the department made a pilot cut by desilting 5 channels of a total 24.60 km length under Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan – 2021 and activated the channel during the flooding in the district. 


The project reduced the stress and trouble for the local population caused during the monsoon sessions. It ensured the reclamation of healthy farmland for the production of agricultural products and minimized the death of human and forest wildlife.


The department had low financial and technical support. Also, the cyclones during the implementation disturbed the system.


The use of a drowning machine and remote sensing technique to get the actual scenario.


Since this problem requires a permanent solution, defined channels have to be identified by carrying out detailed surveys and desilting those channels at a large scale. Hence for a permanent solution, a tentative proposal has been made of Rs. 32.25 crore for desilting defined channels.


The implementation of the project reduced the complaints at the administrative office during the monsoon session of 2021.

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