Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan 3.0 – Government of Gujarat

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Category: State – Department
Sub-Category: subState – Department
Project: Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan 3.0
Start Date: 2018-05-01
Organisation: Government of Gujarat
Respondent: Mr M K Jadav, Secretary (Water Resources)
Level: Premium


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Case Study

The Government has accorded highest priority to the development and expansion of irrigation potential in view of the low, uneven and highly variable rainfall and high irrigation needs of state’s large area.

Out of total geographical area of 196 lakh hectares of Gujarat State, irrigable area is 125 lakh hectares. However looking to its water resources, the ultimate irrigation potential of the state would be of the order of 67 lakh hectares, which includes 17.92 lakh hectares from ongoing Sardar Sarovar Project and 20 lakh hectares from ground water. Comparing water and land resources as well as population of the country as a whole, it can be said that the State has 5.96% of land, 4.03% of population and 2.63% of water resources of the country.

As per Ground Water Estimation Report 2002 prepared in consultation with the Central Ground Water Board, 30 talukas were Over-exploited, 12 talukas were critical and 14 talukas were classified under saline category. Thus, from ground water development angle, approximately 56 talukas out of 225 taluks were in critical ground water condition.

Further, the rate of depletion in water levels was high in North Gujarat and Saurashtra regions due to excessive ground water extraction and problem was further aggravated by inadequate rainfall and increased agricultural activities. As a result, there was salinity ingress along the Saurashtra Coast and in the villages on the periphery of Little Rann of Kutchh.


Realising the importance of sustainable development and safeguarding the future in water sector, the Government of Gujarat led by Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani launched the Sujlam Suflam Jal Abhiyan in 2018 in order to rejuvenate the water bodies and enhance the water holding capacity of the State and decrease the dependence on ground water. Various activities like deepening of ponds, de-silting, cleaning of check dams and reservoirs, cleaning of canals and kans/drains, rejuvenation of rivers etc. are undertaken under this campaign every year.


  • To Enhance storage capacity of existing water bodies like – Reservoirs, Check Dams, Village Tanks, Forest Ponds, Farm Ponds; De-silting and construction/repairing of existing check dams
  • Rejuvenation of Rivers
  • Recharging Ground Water
  • Enhancing agricultural productivity


  • State Level Committee is formed under chairmanship of Chief Secretary for policy decisions having Heads of various Line Departments as members.
  • District Level Committee is formed which is headed by Collector for implementation and coordination with line departments.
  • Master Plan for all districts has been prepared for works to be carried out under the Campaign. Collectors are empowered to amend works as per local requirements.
  • Allocation of works to NGOs/Farmers/APMC/Milk Federations/Public Sector Undertakings/ line departments
  • Implementing agencies are encouraged to take up works at their own cost with support and cooperation extended by the Government
  • Rest of the works under public participation are being carried out on sharing basis – 60% of the cost would be paid by the Government and the balance 40% is to be borne by the NGO/Farmers/APMC/Milk Federations/Public Sector Undertakings etc.
  • Various Line Departments involved are:
    • Water Resources Department
    • Water Supply Department
    • Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited
    • Forest and Environment Department
    • Rural Development Department
    • Urban Development Department


  • Works of Deepening/ Desilting of Ponds/ Check dams/ Reservoirs would be carried out through Public Participation.
  • Under MGNREGA Scheme works of Deepening of Ponds & Check dams and works Rejuvenation of rivers, cleaning of rivers, Works of Earthen Bunds, Farm Ponds etc. would be carried out. New Ponds are also planned to be excavated.
  • In Urban Areas, Municipal Corporations planned to carry out works consisting of Rain Water Harvesting, Prevention of ingress of Polluted Water to Rivers & Ponds, Desilting of Ponds/ Check dams etc.
  • Works of cleaning of Canals of Narmada and other Irrigation Schemes in addition to cleaning of various drains are carried out under the campaign.
  • Works of Rejuvenation and cleaning Various Rivers of the State are carried out Under MGNREGA scheme.
  • Works of construction of New Check dams/Forest Ponds/Contour Trenches/Repairing of Check dams/ Desilting of Check dams/Deepening of Ponds have been planned to carry out in Forest Area.


Sr No.Works taken up201820192020Total
1Total work taken up18515119011107241488
2Deepening of ponds/New ponds75524727430916588
3Check dam desilting4009176623328107
4Check dam repairing24094910502239
5  Cleaning of Canals (Km)598629974236338323
6  Cleaning of Kans /drains/ rivers (Km)695262617925113
7  Increase in storage capacity (lakh Cu ft)13500100531851142064
  • 42,064 lakh cubic feet Increase in Water Storage Capacity in more than 8000 villages.
  • Soil/ Silt excavated through Excavation and Desilting works would be utilized in Farms and in development works of the Government.
  • Rise in ground water level because of increase in Ground water storage.
  • Problems related to water for domestic purpose and drinking purpose for animals have been taken care of.
  • Irrigation facility has been enhanced.
  • Agricultural production has been increased.

For more information, please contact:
Mr M K Jadav, Secretary (Water Resources) at

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  1. It’s one of the excellent and well planned project of Govt of Gujarat.I esteemly feel myself a part of the govt body.Even though My contribution may b equivalent to just a drop of water in these irrigation schemes but I will b proud for such moments..
    I hope we engineers may go on and on with such projects in future for goodness of state as well as country..
    Jay Hind

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