Skill Devlopement and Prisoner’s Rehabilitation – District Jail Ghaziabad

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“Skillful Redemption: A Holistic Prisoner Reformation”


  • Released prisoners lacking skills and discipline can pose a threat to society and burden their families.
  • Inadequate correctional measures contribute to high recidivism rates and challenges in rehabilitation.
  • Overcrowded jails and undertrained staff worsen the problem of reoffending and hinder successful rehabilitation.
  • Lack of sustainable and scientific prisoner-centric approaches.


  • Implement skill programs tailored to prisoners’ interests for sustained engagement and relevance.
  • Adopt a holistic reformation approach, considering individual characteristics, 
  • Offer in-prison employment to allow prisoners to practice and enhance their skills, promoting self-sufficiency.
  • Establish a post-release monitoring system to facilitate job placements, entrepreneurship guidance, and overall support.

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: State Government – Prisons Administration & Reform Services
Sub-Category: State Government – Prisons Administration & Reform Services
Project: Skill Developement and Prisoner’s Rehabilitation
Start Date: 23-01-01
Organisation: District Jail Ghaziabad
Respondent: Satya Narayan Sabat
Level: Executive Plus