Response to COVID-19, District Administration South Delhi

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: District Responds
Sub-Category: Response to COVID-19
Project: Response to COVID-19
Start Date: 2020
Organisation: District Administration South Delhi
State: Delhi
Respondent: Dr B M Mishra, District Magistrate
Level: Club Plus

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Case Study

Project Summary

Being the capital city it initially faced the COVID-19 challenge in influx of foreigners, NRIs and business travellers. It created a challenging situation as the speed of transmission, contact tracing, facilities etc were completely unknown to anyone. As time passed by, screening guidelines started becoming stricter; new infrastructure was created; quarantine and isolation centers were identified; and, availability of PPEs and other gears were ensured. 

“We are tracing and testing all high risk contacts and if found positive, appropriate measures are being taken. We have increased the number of testing in last few weeks,” says B M Mishra, District Magistrate, District Administration, South Delhi. 

The motto of District Administration, South Delhi is defined as ScoPE, as follows: 

  • “Surveillance and Social Distancing” is the key 
  • Collaborative effort of doctors, government bodies, Police, NGOs, volunteers 
  • People’s awareness through IEC, media
  • Electronic communication and planning – developing and using digital platforms

The very first step that was taken is to prevent disruptions in food and ration supply chains. It roped in volunteers, food suppliers set up control room and identified needy to whom the food and ration was directly delivered that their doorstep, while maintaining social distancing. “We have divided the area under 70 clusters and each has been assigned to an individual team of officers to take care of their respective areas ensuring uninterrupted essential services,” said Mishra. 

Next, it set up a contact tracing chain involving different hospitals, testing labs, private persons etc to report on positive patients. This was verified by an appointed District Surveillance Officer who happened to be a doctor. Contact tracing reports were generated on a daily basis and action taken – whether quarantine, hospitalisation or isolation. This way high risk cases to low risk contacts were identified. 

Anything of this nature requires maintaining constant contact with people on general awareness and guiding them with requisite advisories to avoid panic. District Administration, South Delhi took to social media with awareness campaign on social distancing, home quarantine and isolation, made appeals through mainline media and the District Magistrate held open online sessions with people. 

Surveillance is an important part of handling the pandemic. District Administration, South Delhi has created a Surveillance Hub using all kinds of human resource: Doctors for Medical Care; Counsellor for calming the patients and reducing panic; Tehsildar for local knowledge and contact tracing; and, Police for local intelligence. 

Handling the migrant labour has been a task. Their number kept on swelling and the District guidelines kept on changing depending on MHA guidelines. The District Administration, South Delhi maintained food supplies, provided transportation and shelter and ensured social distancing. The inter-state movement through railways, buses and private vehicles was monitored, law and order maintained, screening centers set up and logistics kept under control. 

More than 150,000 have been sent home; 2,000 volunteers are on the ground; 10,000 families having no ration card were given ration; and, a total of over 20 million meals have been fed. The District Administration, South Delhi is fully equipped to handle the crisis and is making its best efforts to reduce the spread. 

For more information, please contact:
Dr B M Mishra, District Magistrate, District Administration South Delhi, at

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    1. In this pandemic, South Delhi administration is doing tremendous job. This is the time when I have seen your leadership and decisive plans with substantial contribution done by Shri BN Mishra. As we are running community kitchens in Gk and jamrutpur village area, we can understand the panic situation of pandemic effect.
      Hats off to you sir.

    2. A efficient administrative skills and collaborative efforts of all the staff with whole hearted round the clock service to its people has make our district unique in fighting this pandemic.

    3. Thanks for your help and support for needy people like us during pandemic period . Again Thanks for your greatest contribution.

      Manohar Manav
      Social activist

      1. मिश्रा जी पूरे साउथ दिल्ली को अपना परिवार समझकर इस दुःख की घरी से निकलने में काफ़ी तत्पर और active है जिनकी वजह से कई लोग सुरक्षित ठीक होकर अपने घर पहुँच रहे है
        उनका और उनके पुरी टीम का बहुत बहुत आभार ????

    4. Wonderfully lead the team and most dedicated DM , Mr BM Mishra sir. I really appreciate Your efforts against corona as a warrior. South delhi is in safe hand and approachable DM for every citizen.

    5. Excellent work in this hard time. Dynamic leadership. Strong decision making. True Humane approach. My big salute to you and your entire Team.

    6. South Delhi District is doing marvellous work during this critical phase of COVID Pandemic under the strong leadership of DM Dr B.M.Mishra ..we appreciate the Dedication & promptness of Dr B.M. Mishra
      Harjinder Saroha
      Vice Chairman (Sec-C)
      VK federation

  1. Outstanding services ..outstanding job done by south delhi administration… as a resident of safdarjung enclave , I can see the efforts done by DM Dr B Mishra and his team . They deserve an applause .

    1. Outstanding job done by the District Magistrate Dr Mishra in inspiring confidence among the public that the administration will be there in time of need
      Only great leaders can do that in these trying times
      Kudos to his team as well

  2. The great initiative & team work done under d guidance of DM Dr BN Mishra tp prevent the spread of corona virus .His dedicated n sincere efforts have resulted in minor num of cases in south Delhi .Big salute to Dr BN Mishra nd his team . Keep doing the Good & dedicated work .

  3. A person like you always stands behind the team in good as well as the hard times. We couldn’t have asked for a better administrator to help us in this crisis. Thank you Dr. Mishra for all the help you have provided to the residents of Vasant Kunj in fighting the Covid-19.

  4. Amazing team work under leadership of mr BN mishra. Team was available 24×7 and supported all rwa .
    Big salute to your dedication and your team dedication in these tough times .

  5. Dr B M Mishra is a hardtask master with strong leadership skils to manage any tough task, during this big crisis he always being the frontrunner, always prompt to revert on any help or support needed any point of time. A big salute to his positive approach and management skills.

  6. Respected DM Sir South very positive energy
    After working hard day and night, he has done very commendable work and has taken care of everyone with good guidance. We always wish for Sir to stay healthy and have a bright future.

  7. Wonderful team led by most approachable n hardworking DM , Mr Mishra. Thanks for all the efforts made for keeping us safe in these hard times.

  8. Wonderful work being done by Dr. B M Mishra and his team. Feels safer in south delhi, all thanks to him. As a doctor practicing in south delhi hospital, i can see the seamless coordination between the different stake holders, health care providers and district administration to provide a fast and comprehensive response to Coronavirus pandemic..

  9. I am part of the Civil Defence (Mehrauli Zone) team and it’s been a privilege to work alongside Dr B M Mishra(District Magistrate’s) team and all the CORONA WARRIORS who work along with me. It’s been a team effort by everyone like one big family to fight the issues related to this pandemic in service of this nations people and our beloved country. JAI HIND.

  10. During this pandemic, South Delhi administration is doing tremendous job. This is the time when I have seen your leadership and decisive plans with substantial contribution done by Shri BN Mishra.

  11. Wonderfully lead the team and most dedicated DM , Mr Mishra. I really appreciate Your efforts against corona as a warrior. South delhi is in safe hand and approachable DM for every citizen.

  12. I am happy that this facility is available in our South District, but I do not think it is for the common people. Because the warriors who are currently doing their duty over time are doing their duty of 17 to 18 hours, and the corona of those who find themselves feeling unwell during this time I feel completely unable to think of the common people at this time. I don’t think the trouble with the warriors will be reported to Dr. B M Mishra District Magistrate, who will be informed of this matter only after they have complied with his instructions to ensure their safety against the night – time warriors carrying out their duty. If you’re having problems, try to correct them by ensuring that they are correct. Well, we are warriors and we will keep up our duty. I was just telling my sadness through you.

  13. The revenue Deptt , south district, delhi under the able and dynamic leadership of Dr BM Mishra , IAS has been providing proactive and humanitarian services for mitigation of Covid pandemic.
    Keep doing excellent work!!

  14. The team South Delhi District Administration is doing a commendable job to combat the pandemic COVID-19 in the leadership of District Magistrate Dr.B.M.Mishra Sir. Best wishes to the team. You all are true corona warriors. Keep doing the best to save the lives of people. Thanks.

  15. Jai hind ,The situation was Handeled with great zeal and humanity by our DM Dr B M Mishra ji . In the hour of need we feel safe under his day to day guidance .He has done a commendable work for the society and nation. I wish him and his family great health and vision. Jai Bhole nath .

  16. Exceptional performance in extraordinary times by Dr. B. M. Mishra’s team.
    Great coordination with RWAs leading to outstanding results.
    Dr. Mishra has always made himself available even at odd hours
    He has the vision to identify emergencies and has a proactive approach to solve it.

  17. Entire South Delhi administration has done commendable job in fighting against Covid 19 and it’s not over, it’s still going on….

  18. Wonderfully lead the team and most dedicated DM , Mr Mishra. I really appreciate Your efforts against corona as a warrior. South delhi is in safe hand and approachable DM for every citizen

  19. As a Swayamsevak,
    Its my pleasure to work for nation with the team of our honorable District Magistrate Dr. B.M. Mishra, IAS. This is the time when I have seen how a leader upholds his dedicated time and energy to overcome critical Covid-19 pandemic situation. By our consistent effort we will change this pandemic into normal situation.
    Special thanks to all of my corona warriors.

    1. Kudos to the team led by Dr BM Mishra . Excellent work done by south Distt under his leadership . This unprecedented pandemic has been handled most diligently by his team

  20. Public awareness and helping to needy program carried out by South Delhi administration in the present pendamic COVID 19 is an excellent initiative. Big hand to DM and entire team.

  21. South Delhi Administration in leadership of Dr B M mishra ji doing commendable job in providing help to needy, spreading awareness and leading from the front. People are also participating and admiring the South Delhi Administration. I have faith in team led by Dr B N Mishra Sir in achieving the best possible outcome in this COVID 19 pandemic.

    1. Dr B.M. Mishra you are doing commendable job in providing help to needy, spreading awareness and leading from the front outstanding work in this pandemic.People have faith in you. Kudos to the team lead by you.

  22. In this pandemic it’s an great Initiative to have such an generous DM and his team working so hard and honestly we are blessed to have you with us .

    1. Excellent work is done by DM south Delhi Dr. BM Mishra and his team. 24/7 service to the humanity and for fighting the pandemic. Hope in ur leadership, we soon be covid free district . All the best !!!

  23. Dr Mishra is a dedicated officer Who discharges his responsibilities whole heartedly.He leads and performs by example and has been an inspiration for Many.He is passionate about his work no wonder South Delhi district is doing well and is fighting the covid 19 Effectively under his able leadership.All the best South Delhi DM and his team..The team effort must be applauded as no single person could have achieved such a feat.

  24. Excellent Performance by the our D.M.( Dr.Mishra ) and his team in South Delhi. The hard work and dedication shown is really commendable.
    Keep up the good work and we salute these Corona warriors working around the clock .

  25. Outstanding team work done by DM Dr BN Mishra,He is working soo hard in this pandemic situation,under his guidance south Delhi administration is doing commendable work.Big salute to him and his team.

  26. Exellent work done by Dr IAS B K Mishra ji with his team. His Team is very helping nature , Many congratulations to him and his team.
    Regards CA C K Mishra

  27. Real salute to Dr.B.M MISHRA DM sir for total dedication in this COVID 19 pandemic disease and such a excellent combination of Medical and Administrator in South district delhi.May God blessed you with good health in all way.

  28. Outstanding Team Work and Hardship to manage the situation in COVID 19 Pandemic under South Delhi Administration. Really Appreciable. A BIG APPLAUSE to the whole team.

  29. Outstanding performance by Southdistrict team led by Dr BM Mishra in time of COVID crisis . Efforts by the team will lead to containment of COVID and relief to public of Delhi especially south district. Best wishes for the south district team .

  30. Outstanding Work by TEAM SOUTH DELHI DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION headed by Sh. B M. MISHRAJI, DISTRICT MAGISTRATE (SOUTH DELHI). Truely Inspirational public conatct in Vasant Kunj Area. CORONA TESTING MOBILE VAN is a key initiative inspiring confidence among the residents of South Delhi. BEST WISHES TO THE TEAM !!

  31. Outstanding work being done under the eminent leadership of Dr Brij Mohan mishra .He is a very confident and polite person.He is using his administrative skills combined with medical knowledge for the fight,and this is not the end,continuous efforts are being done.A big salute to him.

  32. Excellent work being done by Dr BM mishra and his energetic team in fighting this pandemic in south Delhi . Really a great service to humanity. All the best to you and your team in this fight.

  33. Excellent work done by Dr BM Mishra and his energetic team. Great service to humanity in these difficult times.
    All the best to you and your team

  34. Excellent work in this hard time. Dynamic leadership. Strong decision making. True Humane approach. My big salute to DM (South, Delhi) and his entire Team.

  35. Our worthy DM, Dr. B M Mishra has contributed tremendously in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic in South Delhi district. Under his leadership and due to his personal monitoring, this district has seen low rates of pandemic patients and high rates of recovery. His social contributions include arrangement and supply of food, water , ration and other basic necessities to people in need. His contributions truly make south district worthy winner

  36. I found a very responsive and decisive person in the DM Shri BM Mishra। Not only did he help out in above activities but also was super active in distribution of food grains, food packets and coordinating with NGOs etc for the same। He was always resolving the issues with patience and smiling demeanour। Best of luck to him and his team for this award।

  37. Great work *****Our DM Dr. B.M. Mishraji are fully devoted and dedicated to the task assigned to them are doing full justice. We are privileged to have them.

  38. Great work sir ????????*****Our DM Dr. B.M. Mishraji are fully devoted and dedicated to the task assigned to them are doing full justice. We are privileged to have them.

  39. I had monitor thru my own sources that the team of Dr. B. M. Mishra, DM(S) N. DELHI is doing excellent work against Corona.
    I congratulate to him and his team.

  40. Hats off to u sir, Dr B.M.Mishra for such a tremendous work, in the times of need. U have managed this pandemic with utmost efficiency, dedication and hard work. Its your constant endeavour that has made its possible to control this pandemic. We have one of the lowest incidence rate and appeciable recovery rate. A doctor as well as an administrator,,, what else to ask for in this scenario…. thanks a lot to be our guiding light.

  41. श्री ब्रिज मोहन मिश्रा जी का योगदान सराहनीय है।
    मैं श्री मिश्रा और उनकी टीम को हार्दिक बधाई और शुभकामनाएँ देता हूँ ।

  42. Arvind kejriwal is good & Intelligent parson .he is good working for delhi .
    The honest personality , great job you all are doing great work

  43. hats of to Dm sir , Dr.b.m.mishra, thank you sincerely for everything that you do, i admire your ability to lead and bring the best!!! ????????

  44. The support that Sikkim House got in managing its COVID patients from south district Administration side is enormous. Amidst mid night at times I have called Mr BM Mishra, when some new Covid patient used to be detected in our Bhawan, he would respond and make all necessary arrangements to tackle the crisis. Because of the timely support of south District administration we could successfully control the COVID spread in one of our building.

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