Response to COVID-19 – District Administration Nilgiris

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: District Responds
Sub-Category: Response to COVID-19
Project: Response to COVID-19
Start Date: 2020
Organisation: District Administration Nilgiris
District: Nilgiris
State: Tamil Nadu
Respondent: Ms J Innocent Divya, District Collector
Level: Executive Plus

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  1. Really i appreciate your efforts and i am watching all your activities for save the people. You have a fine team to execute all these become good. All the very best.

  2. Nilgiris was the first District to implement the lockdown (on 17th March,2020), even before the nation-wide lockdown was announced (24th March).
    Though a tourist attraction, the administration sealed all borders and has come out as the best district in control of corona pandemic.
    Well done district administration!

  3. Excellent work, guidance and leadership…your proactive action of tightening the check posts, temporarily stopping Tourism and closure of all places of stay for tourists, awareness etc have brought good results in keeping the number of affected to the minimal..congratulations mam..respects.

  4. Such a strong and brave leader. This course of pandemic threatens the world but you transformed and built boundary for it. Fantastic work!!!!

  5. Keep watching all activities since 2017. Sad part is, as a Nilgiri district veteran not able to Participate in many Social welfare programs which are organised by You & through Zilla Sainik Board AD Major Saravanan.
    Great initiative & Wonderful things done by You. Things done by you & your government is WoW . (Especially the precautionary measures taken during this pandemic period). Bravo…
    In my everyday WhatsApp NEWS Broadcast Either you or our Nilgiris always have a line. You are One of the great administrator in Nilgiris history.
    Thanks for everything Mam
    Expecting more magics in future.
    Happy King

    1. Great work being continued with out any let up.our congratulations & best wishes to continue doing this achievements. Belliappa ,AGM, WB group

  6. Since becoming the Nilgiris District Collector, she has been fighting to protect the greenery and the environment of the Nilgiris District. Nilgiris is the 1st District to Ban Plastic under her able leadership. Her work was outstanding during Covid 19. Nilgiris People are bound by her love and strictness.

    Efficient – Dedicated – Hardworker

  7. Covid 19 lock down is being well managed by the district administration, under the able leadership of Collector Innocent DIvya. We are extremely thankful !

  8. This indeed is intelligent thought-leadership of a kind! Kudos to the whole team for their exemplary commitment to the cause of securing public health.

  9. The collector ma’am has done good job to outreach of covid 19 in nilgiris and control all departments and put a team to control all the people’s I thank madam that madam done excellent job

  10. During human crisis you need to be tough and humane. Covid 19 is one such situation. Niligiri collector Innocent Diviya along with her team has acted in a professional manner with a humane approach. India is proud of such officers. Best Wishes for doing greater things.

  11. Thanks and congratulations for your hard work 24×7 (round the clock) . May God bless you. We the people of Nilgiris extend our co-operation. We are proud of your involvement and workship. In short -THE NILGIRI’S SINGAA PENN.

  12. Kudos to the district Collector and her team. You have done an excellent job in control of the virus by your tireless effort and timely action. Congrats again Divya madam

  13. We the people of Nilgiris district are feel safe and sound under the able leadership and guidance of the District adminstration…!!
    Our heartfelt thanks and wishes to the entire team for their commendable job to overcome COVID-19 pandemic..!!

  14. Innocent Divya is a true servant of the lord, not only Nilgiris where ever she is the people and the place will be blessed . Praise the lord

  15. Tireless and selfless Leadership under the District Collector has worked miracles in the district in curtailing effectively the spread of this deadly pandemics. The entire district will be highly grateful to the Collector and her entire team for saving many lives besides delivering the basic needs to their doorsteps. Leaving the government aids in a common place for the beneficiaries to collect them was another measure that was widely appreciated by the entire nation. True to the saying that ‘the public work is God’s work’, Nilgiris Administration has proved it beyond doubts.

  16. Really good to see the works being done by the district administration, having said that there is a wastage of swab collection kits, I came from Hyderabad on 13-06-2020 and corona testing was done at Airport and sent for Institutional Quarantine at my own cost for a day at a hotel, after I was declared negavite for COVID-2 I was released from Institutional quarantine and tried getting into kotagiri in a car where I was stopeed at Checkpost and asked to undergo SWAB Collection for one more time and asked to quarantine myself at hospital, which in my point is really useless undergoing test for 2 consecutive days . I am a responsible citizen and always ready to support the government/district administration during this hard time however wasting of kits on a same person and quarantining them at governments’s cost is really a pain, consuming all the government official time/energy.

    Administration should ask either to undergo test/quarantine natives of Nilgiris district people only at their district bypassing Airport rules, or if we are declared COVID-2 negative at airport please ask us to quarantine at home and not at governments cost.

    Hope district administration will consider my point and act accordingly to save resources and time of officials along with saving our time also.

  17. Kudos to the entire front line warriors headed by Our Respected Collector of the Nilgiris for their exemplary work on the fight against COVID-19.

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