Livelihood Enhancement of Farming Community Through Horticulture Initiatives – District Administration Narmada

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Aspirational Districts
Sub-Category: Agriculture
Project: Livelihood Enhancement of Farming Community Through Horticulture Initiatives
Start Date: 2018
Organisation: District Administration Narmada
District: Narmada
State: Gujarat
Respondent: Mr M R Kothari, Collector and District Magistrate
Level: Executive

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Ms Smita Pillai, Deputy Director of Horticulture at

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  1. Respected Smitamadam…
    The way u participate in each and every project with confidence and also to get knowledge by understanding innovative subjects and disseminate that particular knowledge to officers and others is wonderful and extraordinary…..
    You r idol for those who wants to learn new ideas of innovative subjects so that they can implement them in their research or experiemental projects…
    With warm regards
    A N Panchbhai
    Horticulture Officer

  2. Livelihood enhancement of farming community through Horticulture initiatives, let this methodology setup a great example for whole country and other States.This will be marked as next level vision and sustainable development for Narmada District under St.Smitha Pillai and team.
    With regards
    Sreejayan Jaydeep

  3. Admirable example of increase the income per piece of land . Secondly, this will escalate the farming community to adopt new Horticulture initiatives for sustainable growth. Very good illustration to convert waste in to wealth, organic produces, protecting the environment and national wealth.
    Acknowledge to the entire team of this project who have did hard work to transmute these ideas up to the farmers field.

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