Implementation of Delivery Van, Bike Ambulance & Janani Auto to improve maternal health – District Administration Kandhamal

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Category: Aspirational District
Sub-Category: Health
Project: Implementation of Delivery Van, Bike Ambulance & Janani Auto to improve maternal health
Start Date: 2018-19
Organisation: Health & Family Welfare Department, District Administration, Kandhamal
State: Odisha
Respondent: Dr D. Brunda D, Collector & District Magistrate
Level: Executive Plus

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Dr D. Brunda D, Collector & District Magistrate at

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  1. It is definitely a praiseworthy intervention by Kandhamal District Administration to provide health facilities in inaccessible pockets,existing in larger proportion,under the dynamic leadership of Esteemed Collector & DM. We should support it massively.

  2. Really this is a very innovative and praiseworthy steps taken by District Administration Kandhamal .It must help in the health care system in this District where some areas are remote and inaccessible for Four wheeler vehicle .Bike Ambulance can provide timely help at the time of emergency.Specially thanks to Collector Madam .

  3. I heartly congratulations to the Kandhamal Collector & DM provide such type of facility to poor tribal peoples for reduce to IMR / MMR and thank Kandhamal Heath Health Department

  4. Nice initiative by District administration reach to unreach for safe institutional delivery and reduce MMR ,IMR. we are very much thankful to our collector mam.

  5. Many many thanks to our collector mam and other higher outhorities who take an inovative step forward to reduce IMR and MMR by introducing BIKE AMBULANCE.

  6. Highly appreciative and initiatives steps by the District.administration for wellbeing of the society. Salute to Dr Brunda. D,the renowned Collector and District magistrates, Kandhamal.

  7. I have experienced the DM of our District brought immense change on every sphere like Edu. Health ect.and this was an act to appreciate the administration of Kandhamal.i hope, ahead the kandhamalian will experience the better health system.Good luck.

  8. This is one of the best innovative thought of Collector and DM, kandhamal to reduce maternal death infant death and promote safe institutional delivery. This is also accepted by the people of kandhamal. Nice inciative.

  9. I am truly appreciated to this action plan through which we can provide a kin health facilities to the people of our district.

  10. Very nice initiative taken by our Collector Madam which is praiseworthy and it will be highly beneficial for inaccessible areas of our Kandhamal district and specially for poor community. Really we are proud of you Ma’am.

  11. Salute to collector -cum- DM Kandhamal and district administration. I sincerely dedicate my vote for good job for our District during covid-19 panademic.

  12. Best strategy adopted by Collector & DM, Kandhamal to promote safe Institutional Delivery, to reduce Maternal Mortality rate and Infant Mortality Rate.

  13. To overcome the issue of high home deliveries, IMR & MMR, many steps have been taken by the district administration like increasing and functioning of delivery points and enable more alternative transportation systems for the patients. 5 Nos. of Bike ambulances & 14 Nos. of Auto Ambulances has been provided in remote areas.
    Now besides the above initiatives, 2 Delivery Van have been innovated which is equipped with all necessary instrument & equipment required for normal delivery, water facility, delivery table etc. with three SAB trained Staff Nurses to manage the cases. The said Delivery Van has been engaged at Phiringia & Subarnagiri block. As a result of the initiatives taken, now monthly average home delivery of the district has been declined to just 15 from that was recorded once as 180-200 per month.

  14. I vote and support wholeheartedly the District Administration in taking preventive measures to improve upon maternal health of Kandhamal District a tribal dominated District.

  15. It is highly appreciated that poor women of interior packet got medical facilities as and when required. This is good contribution for our Kandhamal District as an examplary.

  16. Innovative idea of the district administration. It would surely upgrade the health facilities in a hilly and forest covered district like kandhamal.
    I surely support this unique endeavor of the district collector.

  17. It is a great idea to reduce the imr and mmr of the district and in future it is followed by other district to reduce the status of lmr and mmr

  18. I do appreciate the invotive initiation undertaken by district administration Kandhamal under the leadership of collecter maam. I cast my vote for her nobel initiative.

  19. I express my hearty adminstration for the praiseworthy generous activities and sincere preventive measures taken in the pandemic situation of Kandhamal. salution to the noteworthy efforts of the district administrative in hard times of the district.

  20. It’s a best initiative for rural, inaccessible areas. My special thanks to district administrator for a innovative solution for maternal care.

  21. Exlent steps taken by districts administration to provide services to our poor needy & interiors for availing best medical service…. Salute our Collector Ma’m.


  23. It is an important program for transportation of pregnant women for institutional delivery, which has an immense impact on infant and maternal death. It is the Collector mam, who has innovated this and has been accepted by tribal communities.

  24. Very innovation program implemented by district administration KANDHAMAL….
    It’s very helpful to people of tribal as well as unreachable pockets of community to safe thire live… Thanks to collector and Dm KANDHAMAL to take as such proactive steps..

    1. Very innovative and Excellent idea of our district administration . I am happy because I work for this innovative project our district

  25. Thanks for the efforts of collector mam for introducing bike ambulance, delivery van & auto ambulance service in the district. It has minimized a lot of maternal & infant death and has increased institutional delivery drastically.

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