Tele Health Services – Health & Family Welfare Department, District Administration Chamba

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Aspirational District
Sub-Category: Health
Project: Tele Health Services
Start Date: October 2018
Organisation: District Administration Chamba
Respondent: Dr Rajesh Guleri, Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
State: Himachal Pradesh
Level: Club

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Dr Rajesh Guleri, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), District Administration, Chamba at

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  1. Bench mark Telemedicine programme on the planet. Need to adopt by several Govt to provide timely care to rural populations.

    Great initiative by HO Government

  2. Benchmark Programme in the field of Telemedicine on the Planet.

    This model will provide timely care to save lives in remote parts of India.

    Much appreciated initiative of Himachal Pradesh Govt – Health department

  3. Great peace of work done by team Apollo. The end beneficiaries really are getting overwhelming experience. Telemedicine is proving to be a boon for remotely located population

  4. Innovative program which if implemented by the Govt. of India in all the remote areas of the country would help serve the underprivileged people suffering from severe illness.

  5. It is a moment of joy for any health care worker to see patients ailments/queries/concern’s addressed within no time, with this wonderful technology of Tele-Medicine.
    Connecting Doctors from Metropolitan city to the Rural parts is a huge success story in itself.
    All the best.

  6. Technology is worthwhile only when it touches lives where they are difficult to reach.
    This project is the perfect combination where medicine & technology are utilized for people’s health & well being.

  7. Telemedicine is an excellent platform in this pandemic situations where exposure in hospitals will put our lives in danger. We can get prescriptions and counselling services by making a call sitting at home.

  8. Innovative project by Apollo and awesome implementation & support to rural people. This need to adopt by several Govt at the earliest and should reach rural populations across India & World.

  9. Amazing healthcare delivery model. With shortage of medical personnel in the country, technology to bridge between the gap and use the available manpower resource optimally.

  10. Actually good initiative, the population of remote areas are benefitting as they have now access a realtime & quality health care.

  11. This is an amazing and very inspiring video.
    I think we need to watch it certainly at those times that it all just seems impossible.

  12. This is a wonderfull. Project of teli health services all patient are come to telihealth program that tha give good servic and teli heath schope going to long time thank. U

  13. The tele health service is a very helpful service for the patients in the world. So many people are getting releif from various diseases through this service.

  14. A true testimony to this innovative and much-needed project. Tele-Emergency can provide remote & rural hospitals with timely and high-quality emergency services that improve patient care and increase staff support during critical medical events. Time for others to replicate the same and innovate over it.

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