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Category: SME
Sub-Category: Project Management
Organisation: Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd
Start Date: 2003-08-26
Respondent: Tanvi Auti, Managing Director
Level: Club Plus


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Dhruv Consultancy Services Ltd


Dhruv Consultancy Services, incorporated on 26 August 2003, is one of India’s fastest-growing project management consulting firms, specialising in infrastructure, waste management and renewable energy. Dhruv has grown as a brand and as an enabler of the government’s initiatives to improve road infrastructure and safety during the last 18 years. Highways, Bridges, Architecture, Waste Management, Solar, and Ports are all areas where the company excels in providing infrastructural solutions.


The development of transportation and infrastructure is a multifaceted and multi-sectoral challenge. Many specialties must come together and cooperate in order to develop consistent and effective roads and highways. Poor infrastructure can be exceedingly dangerous and sometimes even fatal, as it has been in the past in some parts of India. Inadequate traffic assessments are perhaps the most common issue; many roads have insufficient capacity, lack road equipment, and lack safety measures.


In order to minimise project duration and improve management, the focus should be on employees’ combined skills as well as the integration of multiple disciplines. Appropriate monitoring is required to produce high-quality work. Thorough assessments, including considerable traffic studies, are essential for a successful project.


Following the collapse of the previous Savitri River Bridge, which killed nearly 42 people, Hon. Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari announced that the new bridge will be finished in 180 days, however it was completed in a record period of 165 days. The new 8-lane alignment, which runs for around 12 kilometres from Khalapur’s main toll plaza to Lonavala’s Sinhgad Institute, cuts travel time by 25 minutes. The Solapur Yedshi section of NH-211 was named the Best BOT Project in 2018.


The global pandemic problem known as Covid 19 is causing delays in operations.


Extensive traffic studies were carried out in order to evaluate existing traffic volumes, as well as traffic predictions. Proper supervision of the construction of bridges, flyovers, and other structures is also provided. Manual inspection of steel bridges (using a Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit), including bearings, rivets, bolts, and welded connections, as well as the preparation of a complete restoration plan.


DCSL is actively putting together a team to discover, evaluate, and bid on international projects. DCSL has submitted bids for a few overseas assignments in FY 2022–21, although the results are currently pending. Diversification is a step to be taken for taking the company to next phase of growth.

The firm, which began with four workers and now has over 330, specialises in design and implementation consulting in major transportation and infrastructure domains.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Tanvi Auti, Managing Director tanvi@dhruvconsultancy.in

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