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Category: e-Governance – State
Sub-Category: sube-Governance – State
Project: Banglar Shiksha 3.0
Start Date: 2019-02-26
Organisation: Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal
Respondent: Mr Debashis Sarkar, Joint Director of School Education
Level: Club Plus


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Case Study

West Bengal Establishes Digital Data Management System for Schools

The School Education Department of the Government of West Bengal has established a digital system to manage data related to schools and school education incentives under the government.


Maintaining and using several data sources for information related to schools made the department’s work very tedious and complicated. Data being entered manually was vulnerable to errors, which in turn meant the reports made using said data were not factual and harmed the decision-making and administrative processes. Maintaining large traditional data records was not only complex and inconvenient, but it also made communication and sharing between stakeholders difficult. The absence of a single, easy-to-use, extensive school education-related database was sorely felt.


A unified digital symbiotic ecosystem was identified as a solution. This meant setting up a new data management system for all school-specific data about each education-related process. The platform has been set up at the State level and is used for data pertaining to students, teachers and schools. The virtual workspace can be used by every stakeholder.


Data for over 1.5 Crore students has been converted to digital format and uploaded to the new system, which allows live tracking and data sharing. The information dashboard is a robust function that allows enhanced monitoring of education-related data, which in turn facilitates effective policy interventions. The data is stored on a Cloud system which not only allows the institutions to maintain vast amounts of data but also access historical data easily for reference needs.


Getting all the staff and stakeholders used to a new digital system is challenging. Digital adoption in any field takes some time. Stakeholder training right from the state level to the school level was needed. Development and finessing of the portal had to be carried out in a timely fashion. The initial round of entering data into the system was challenging, and it was a priority to guarantee that no dataset or student information was missed.


The single database system follows student progression from beginning-to-end of the student enrolment life cycle. A student ID is assigned to each student and it is unique to the Banglar Shiksha 3.0 framework.

Data sanitisation at regular intervals is used along with several data verification checkpoints at different stakeholder tiers to ensure system accuracy and integrity.

Infrastructural and human resource requirements are governed by the RTE Act – 2009.


There is potential to expand the functions of the platform to integrate other classroom processes such as assessments, learning outcomes, student attendance and teaching practices. The system can also be expanded to incorporate a financial management function to track and monitor allocated funds. Budget monitoring and funds disbursement can likely be integrated into said financial management system.

The project has great potential for replication and can be incorporated in every type of school in the state. It might be possible to create an umbrella system for the school education sector in the state.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Debashis Sarkar, Joint Director of School Education at

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  1. Excellent website. Students all data are recorded here. We can access it smoothly and easily . It is very user friendly website but at the same time security is 100 % .

  2. Banglarshiksha portal is a wonderful effort on the part of the Govt. of West Bengal to ensure the continuance of the teaching learning process in the pandemic. It is a very smart project which is extremely helpful even during normal times.

  3. Being a Nodal Teacher of Seharabazar C. K. Institution [H.S.], Sehara, Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, I feel that this is one of the modern and advance step in Education System that our State Government has ever taken. This portal is not only helping Students, Teachers and other Stake Holders of the Education System but also helping others who are not officially included in our Education System by giving lot of valuable information.

  4. portal has flourished during this pandemic times .The portal is an all invasive website having details of all government schools ,its infrastructure, details of its teaching & non- teaching staff & students,as well. It has been successfully assisting both students & teachers.The students are able to learn from the presentation videos and are lucky to be able to view the classes which were held as live telecast in the TV channel specially designed for them ,all stored in this portal. The teachers are able to use the PPTs & stored TV programmes made available to them in this the portal to complement their online classes. All data are available at the click of a button. The portal thus deserves all praises & appreciation .

  5. Banglar shiksha Portal app is very important for the development of schools education,It shows all the database of students at a glance.

  6. The school education department West Bengal has created this digital system for education. It is really very helpful and easy to spread education and other educational data’s and information s. During the dangerous pandemic situation we became successful to spread education and other information through this digital desk. Thanks for such a crative job.

  7. It is best portal specially.
    The portal which provide genuine information’s and can access easily is considered as best portal,so it is. Banglar sikkha portal is an online platform which is user friendly and gives information which is genuine .Not only urban students,but also most of the village students are depending up on this portal.This is because of the service provided by this portal.Its awsome.

  8. Certainly great steps taken by the honorable Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee for the betterment of educational system in our state.Her schemes for girl child is commendable.

  9. This web portal is the future of West Bengal School education Database regarding all students provide there personal and official data that required in school work for example Midday Meal, Result making, Shoe distribution , Book Distribution and most important paper less student transfer from one school to another school very easy and fast method.

  10. Banglar shiksha portal is very effective for the students.The unique identity for a student is very useful to implement different projects for their .It is expected to overcome the server problems very soon that occur frequently

  11. It is an excellent portal which will help to frame out different educational development plan. This portal immensely helps the school Inspectors.

  12. Great initiative by our government, will help in digitise the education system and in future we can reach each and every part of our society and give quality education to all

  13. Banglar shiksha portal is imparting quality education to the students upto Class VIII. The project has great replication and can be incorporated in every state of the country.

  14. The concept of Unified Symbiotic digital ecosystem thought as a solution is an excellent move eyeing the future of Digital data mgmt system in schools. Data Sanitization is always an innovative move looking forward.

  15. This website help us for communication between teacher, students and government. This site also supply right time all information about students and government.


  17. The function and process of banglasikha portal is very good and friendly to use . This portal is very much important for both School and student also.But only need Little bit improve the server for browsing fast. Overall it portal is very very useful on behave of me it rated as 4.5 out of 5

  18. A great innovative application… Thanks to west bengal govt for such a nice application. Please upgrade for each students unique that every students specially for handicapped students.. Thank you

  19. Banglarsiksha portal is one of the best possible online path which has helped the teachers a lot.Side by side a best interaction way between the higher authorities and the teachers.

  20. Banglar Sikkha 3.0 has been proved the best in it’s classes. We have working with it and as the Headmaster I find it the most useful for all the stakeholders of education in West Bengal. If one works with it ,one is sure to be interested to do the best one can for the learners and various welfare works related with them. Thanks a lot the Department of School Education, West Bengal for providing us such a wonderful platform to work with.

  21. Digital Data Management System that offers end-to-end solutions for every phase of school management like admissions, academic management, staff management, attendance. It is a one-stop solution platform that integrates various features like SMS, online portal, e-exam, mobile app, etc. Let our high-end product empower educational institute in delivering new ways of education by taking care of administrative tasks.

  22. Digital Data Management System that offers end-to-end solutions for every phase of school management like maintain students data, admissions, academic management, staff management, attendance. It is a one-stop solution platform that integrates various features like SMS, online portal, digital activity task,, mobile app, etc. Let our high-end product empower educational institute in delivering new ways of education by taking care of administrative tasks. It would have been better to have an online exam (create google form), mock test, Generate Student ID card. Bio metric facility etc.

  23. Banglar Shiksha venture is a highly acclaimed educational venture. During this hour of uncertainty, this portal helps students remain attached to studies.

  24. The Department of School Education aims at the overall growth, development and progression of Students, Teachers and Headmasters. In order to promote ‘Education First’,

  25. Free access to education for all – across all religions, gender, class, race and region.
    To ensure all students are treated equally and no discrimination is made on the basis of race, religion, gender and class.
    To ensure gender equity in education.
    To ensure enrolment of 100% girl students, including the girls coming from backward, reserved and minority communities.
    To ensure and maintain better hygiene and sanitation levels in all schools by having separate toilets for boys and girls, availability of water for washing and drinking, clean environment to study and learn.

  26. Thank you friends for your support and guide for my students in such situation .You are amazing keep it up for future parallel guidelines for them ,who does a part time job for survive their family and determined about their study matter.

  27. This portal is a very helpful portal to monitor enrollment and infrastructure of different schools under school eduction department and also controlled drainage of govt fund. Thank you.

  28. Banglar Siksha portal is all in one or single door initiative by education department , west Bengal government for education, office, information and distribution.

  29. Banglar sikkha portal is very important data bank.It has different aspects which fulfill different needs all the students, teachers. Hope it will be more informative in future.

  30. This all-in-one digital platform is very useful for students, teachers, staff and schools. It provides us all information and is also user-friendly.

  31. 1 List of students should be downloaded as PDF or xlms format.
    2.Activation/Deactivation, Adding/Delet of students should be available in HOI Login
    3. Change of class of a perticular student name– should be available in HOI Login.

  32. Plz. upgrade the server speed at the time of office hour or at the time of the significant school project time. In SMS Portal the data base are not updated according to E-Portal like School details, Staff details & Student details for each Educational Session. Except These problems it ia a very good & successful solutions for the total education system of West Bengal Government. Thanks a lot,
    Amitava Chakraborty
    Head Teacher
    Dhabdhara F.P. School under Banipur Circle
    North 24 Parganas District Primary School Council.

  33. I have some suggestions to add some additional link to implement on this website…
    1. Add link from where Primary Teachers of West Bengal can download their monthly salary statements.
    2. Add link from where Primary Teachers of West Bengal can easily see their Provident fund balance and can download statement from there.

  34. Excellent endavour on the part of the SED, West Bengal. Good step towards e-governance. Five star for this effort !

    Gopinathpur High School, Haripal, Hooghly

  35. Bangla Siksha is a online platform for students , guardians and teachers in West Bengal . It is most popular platform by which teachers observe students directly . During pandemic situation it was acted as a best result.

  36. Bangla Siksha is a online platform for students , guardians and teachers in West Bengal . It is most popular platform by which teachers observe students directly . During pandemic situation it was acted as a best result.

  37. পশ্চিম বঙ্গ সরকারের বাংলার শিক্ষা ছাত্র ছাত্রীদের জন্য খুব উপকারী প্রকল্প।

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    Star. Each teacher is benefited from this

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