Utsashree – Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal

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Category: Education – State Department
Sub-Category: subEducation – State Department
Project: Utsashree
Start Date: 2021-08-02
Organisation: Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal
Respondent: Mr Debashis Sarkar, Joint Director of School Education
Level: Club Plus


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Case Study

Employee Management in School Education.


The Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal initiated the project ‘Utsashree’ which is specifically designed to act as a one-stop solution for the accessibility of all employee transfer, vacancy, and sanction-related data.


Before the implementation, there were multiple data sources which created confusion. These processes were manual and there was no provision for proper monitoring which led to erroneous data that had a great impact on the budget proposals of the government.


The department has developed a robust system for the overall development and maintenance of employee-specific data. The portal – Utsashree aims to streamline all employee transfer and vacancy processes and data management modules into a single digital symbiotic ecosystem. The system envisions a unified platform that provides all stakeholders in school education with appropriate interfaces to interact seamlessly.


Utsashree has become a comprehensive single-window dynamic digital platform for teachers and department stakeholders of school education in West Bengal. This digital platform provided the opportunity of ‘Digital Inclusion’ to teachers and staff of schools, officials of the state, district, and circle levels.


The department faced challenges related to the training of all stakeholders from the state to the school level to adapt to technology. Also, ensuring deployment, development, and data entry in a time-bound manner was difficult.


The portal replaced the manual processes with powerful digital tools.


To further develop the Utsashree mobile app.


The Utsashree portal has successfully impacted school education administrative processes.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Debashis Sarkar, Joint Director of School Education at debashis.dse@gmail.com

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