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Category: Animal Husbandry and Fisheries – State Department
Sub-Category: subAnimal Husbandry and Fisheries – State Department
Project: Aqua E-Crop
Start Date: 2020-08-21
Organisation: Department of Fisheries, Government of Andhra Pradesh
Respondent: Ms S Anjali, Additional Director of Fisheries
Level: Premium


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Digitalisation of Aqua-Crop Data in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh

Department of Fisheries, Government of Andhra Pradesh


Aqua e-Crop booking is for digitization/identification of registered & unregistered pond wise land which are having aquaculture practices and facilitating the government to take various decisions on the aquaculture sector in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also capturing and updating aquaculture crop details of the state from time to time and to know the availability of aquaculture areas along with types of fish and shrimp. 

Data is one of the important aspects of policy making process and deficiency of which led to non-judicious use of funds to allocate for. In Andhra Pradesh there was no mechanism earlier to gather aquaculture crop data in the state which created difficulties for those who were maintaining the data related to agricultural land. Data regarding the unregistered aquaculture land was needed to make it regularized for aquaculture activities. Also there was no mechanism developed in the state to capture the data related to shrimp and fish crops in a detailed manner. Deficiency of data has created a number of issues related to marketing strategies and prevalence of diseases in the state. 


While providing solutions to the above problems, a web module and a mobile app with integration of digital land data from the Revenue Department have been created. Geotagging of all the aquaculture activities in the state has become a reality. It helped the authorities to conduct meetings with Aqua industry stakeholders and developed applications for capturing the data of Shrimp and Fish Crops details from inception to harvest. 


Now the state has captured all the aquaculture crop data and also has district wise, mandal and village wise crop data and territorial reports of the state. It has made it easy for the authorities to analyse the digital and non-digital lands; and the farmers engaged in aquaculture having patta lands and non patta or disputed lands in the state. The identification of farmers based on landing holdings has become easier in the state. 


Updating e-crop data on a regular basis was challenging for the authorities and also a tedious task to maintain if there was no technology involved. 


It has made a provision of offline crop-booking of data by functionaries and also taking geo coordinates of crop booking details.


The project is promising and it has helped authorities to find out the persisting crop issues in aquaculture activities. The government should integrate the project in other districts of the state. It will also help to find out the lands of which the rights are not defined.

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Ms S Anjali, Additional Director of Fisheries at

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