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Category: Consumer Affairs – State Department
Sub-Category: subConsumer Affairs – State Department
Project: e-Parimap
Start Date: 2017-09-01
Organisation: Consumer Affairs Department
Respondent: Ms Roshni Sen, Principal Secretary, Consumer Affairs Department, West Bengal
Level: Premium Star


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Cognitive Solution for activities of Legal Metrology


The e-Parimap is a project of the Directorate of Legal Metrology under the Govt. of West Bengal. It has enabled the stakeholders of different entrepreneurship units related to standardization of weights and measures to submit applications and receive services online. This has contributed to the Ease of Doing Business. It is believed that this project would generate both human capitals for the nation and non-tax revenue for the state.


The real-time feedback on time taken to issue certificates and licenses isn’t available. Furthermore, no real-time monitoring from the end of the department could be made of process flow and realization of revenue. Normal citizens, especially entrepreneurs, had to go through a multi-layered physical approach to avail of the services. Also, compliance with EoDB could not be kept well documented and preserved for future access.


The e-Parimap software is developed in such a way that mandates issuance of service in time and documents it as well. Every process is monitored in time bound-manner through appropriate API calling and the realization of revenue is virtually reflected. A single window is maintained through the application for all services. Furthermore, all documents and records are kept at a secured cloud server and data is hosted through the state data center.


Online service delivery reduced human interactions and provided convenience to the customers. Workforce optimization, streamlined approval mechanism, auto- escalations, and resolution of approval-related issues increase the efficiency level to a great extent. Again, enhancement of re-distributable non-tax revenue for welfare purposes increased to the tune of 550%.


The unavailability of decent network speed in remote areas has been one of the greatest challenges for various stakeholders involved with e-Parimap. Furthermore, real-time response from the system to manage such huge data has affected the efficiency level too.


The e-Parimap software has been developed keeping in mind easy accessibility, monitoring, and control of public services. This particular software is also independent of the availability of the internet. 


The department plans to use the module for the generation of verification certificates. Additionally, it has planned to develop an integrated window that would be available to entrepreneurs for receiving services. It also plans to provide services to citizens from any place and time.


The e-Parimap project has undoubtedly been able to deliver services online in an efficient manner. Financial data are real-time now, along with workforce allocation becoming transparent, well planned, and balanced.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Roshni Sen, Principal Secretary, Consumer Affairs Department, West Bengal at prsecy.cad@gmail.com

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