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Category: State – Department
Sub-Category: subState – Department
Project: Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System
Start Date: 2020-07-20
Organisation: Commissioner of Geology and Mining
Respondent: Mr Piyushkumar Gadhvi, ICT Officer
Level: Premium Plus


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Case Study

There are 4 kinds of mineral transportation processes undertaken in the state of Gujarat: Lease to Stock, Lease to End User, Trader to Trader and Trader/ Stock to End User. Around 70,000 trips are conducted on a daily basis. The new system is going to boost operational efficiency, which is expected to have huge ramifications on the sector.


Manually tracking the physical movement of the fleet was a laborious task prone to delays and data errors. Because of the sheer scale of the work and the unavailability of a labour force to match, mistakes and manipulations in route tracking and violations reporting would often go unnoticed. It is nigh impossible to physically inspect every single one of the 70,000 vehicles that work in the mining sector to transport minerals all over the state.

It was difficult to keep track of the mineral dispatches and deliveries. There have been incidents where lessees have reported fake routes and conducted several trips but not paid the royalty charges to the CGM. Deliveries to the wrong recipient have been made.

Disparities between the challan issues and the actual distance travelled have been observed. All Time Royalty delivery challans have been created without verifying the route/ distance they are levied for. The department struggled with staying on top of incidents caused by route violations since misinformation and manipulation made it difficult to impose a chain of answerability. All of these discrepancies have resulted in massive revenue losses.

The difficult terrain makes it hard to actually physically monitor a vehicle in movement during the trip. This has resulted in a lack of transparency in the transportation stage.

Calculating the difference between the challan levied and the actual route/distance travelled was difficult owing to a lack of honest, accurate information.  The Dashboard allows Control Room operations a chance to monitor the entire fleet in real time from a single screen system.


The new Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System (VTMS) was introduced with the new Integrated Lease Management System for the sector. Vehicle Tracking Devices have been integrated with the VTMS and fixed on all the vehicles. The system offers route projections and confirms distance traveled. It uses commercial GPS for specific queries. The Geo-fencing feature alerts users about boundary violations. A Centralised MIS has been established. The data is being used to create detailed workflow records that can be studied and used to identify critical processes.


Routine reports are being created on a daily basis. These offer invaluable insights into processes and problems, and inspire better decision-making. The Centralised Dashboard allows the administrators to monitor processes closely. Improved monitoring and decision-making has helped address process delays. The upgraded tracking system works in real-time, incorporating actual traffic conditions and route options for maximum efficiency.

All the mineral stakeholders, including lease, stock and weighbridge stakeholders have been geotagged in the system. enthusiastic stakeholder participation is encouraged. This is improving accountability and responsibility standards in the sector.

Alerts and reminders are created and communicated in a timely manner. General Reports are supplemented with Exceptional Reports for violations and special incidents. The new monitoring system allows authorities to record important details like the vehicle number, ideal trip time to be taken, actual trip time taken, maximum speed and average speed maintained. Travel history videos can be replayed so that the journey can be inspected and any violations can be noted.

The new platform includes a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. The app allows officers to monitor fleet vehicles in real time in the field. It is integrated with the Dashboard and allows access to the different reports being generated. Fleet owners can use it to notify the authorities about incidents in the field. These can then be verified in real time and addressed as needed. The project can be adapted and scaled for use by other departments with similar requirements and responsibilities. Some of the potential users identified include the Home, Road and Transport departments as well as the GSRTC.  Ease of doing business in the Gujarat mining sector has improved tremendously.

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