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Project: Bihar E-RTPS Services
Start Date: 2019-06-07
Organisation: Bihar Prashasnik Sudhar Mission Society, General Administration Department
Respondent: Dr Pratima IAS, Secretary to the Government of Bihar cum Additional Mission Director, BPSMS
Level: Club Plus


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Case Study

Digital governance is going to be the future of administration. The Digital India vision espouses PM Modi’s dream of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance’. The Bihar e-RTPS system is a step in this direction.


The Bihar RTPS services were being delivered manually. Physical delivery of government services is riddled with several challenges such as delays, unnecessary effort on the part of the citizen, avoidable expenses, etc. This results in citizen hesitance towards accessing government services and feeds into a flagging, weak, corrupt and inefficient administrative structure. Needing to physically visit RTPS counters involves a lot of time, energy, planning and expense for the citizen.

Introducing a digitalised version of any department or service involves a transition and training period, where both the service providers and users need to adapt to the new platform.


A rights-based approach to public services delivery has been adopted. The project is inspired by the Bihar Right to Public Service Act. The principle driving the programme is that the public should have enforceable rights to expect government services within a defined timeframe. In order to ensure this, a unified computerised portal was built to provide all RTPS services. The three defining mission elements are improved Accountability, Responsiveness and Transparency in government services delivery.

The e-RTPS system guarantees digitalised delivery of government services in the socioeconomic niche. Applications to be made to the RTPS Bihar programme can be submitted, tracked, received and verified digitally. The e-RTPS system promises digital doorstep delivery of the RTPS services of the General Administration Department (GAD), Government of Bihar.

The new platform is UMANG and mobile-friendly. It uses the Government of India-recognised Local Government Directory system. The ServicePlus Software Framework of NIC and email services are used. A C-DAC SMS Gateway is used for generating alerts and notifications. Certificates are issued using the eSign and DSCSign functionalities. OTP-verification of UIDAI for online applicants guarantees safety. The e-TAAL system is used for tracking the e-Services deliveried. The DigiLocker feature of the NeGD is built into the system. The Rapid Assessment System RAS is used to collect user feedback.


The online services delivery mode is more transparent, accountable and dependable. The new e-Services platform allows citizens to access processes, services, documents, approvals and rejections and certificates in the comfort of their own homes and offices. The platform can be used 24*7 from anywhere and on any network. This pushes for inclusivity in government services delivery. The entirety of the GAD services can now be accessed online or offline, as per individual preference and convenience. The MIS reports and Dashboard give the administration a keen insight into their functioning. This has helped improve data analysis, which in turn informs better decision-making and augments operational efficiency.

The programme incorporates a significant paradigm shift, one that is tackling attitudes above all else. The Bihar RTPS Act underscores that the right to notified public/ government services is in fact a citizen right, and not something the government does out of subjective goodwill. It is the government’s job to provide these services and the Act and the project both emphasise this approach to empower citizens.

Similar e-Services platforms can be developed in any niche and state, as required. The project affords a high degree of scalability. Four departments have worked together to develop and undertake around 40 e-Services.

For more information, please contact:
Dr Pratima IAS, Secretary to the Government of Bihar cum Additional Mission Director, BPSMS at

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