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Category: Smart city – Other
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Project: Building Plan Approval System
Start Date: 2018-12-30
Organisation: Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited
Respondent: Mr Kamaljit Das, General Manager
Level: Premium Plus


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Transforming The Building Plan Approval System

Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited


Building Plan Approval System is a front runner in the use of technology for delivering public services. It is a prime example of how a citizen centric application can coerce citizens to get the official approval through timely and efficient service delivery. The need of having a Building Plan Approval System was due to the problems that were facing by the citizens. The problems like unsubstantial bureaucratic delays, lack of accountability, lengthy and cumbersome process of verification, requirement of tagging architects and structural engineers for every basic design, and maintaining of data to the system were the key problems of the process.


No a simplified process has been established which is a completely online, configurable and automated platform with logins for all stakeholders under the unified umbrella of BPAS. Now people can access the pre-approved architectural designs as well which can save time and money that was supposed to be paid to an architect. Now people can track their application online on dashboards and also the official can view and analyse the process in a real-time basis. It has also integrated payment gateways and ERP for real-time transactions and refund capabilities in case of failed transactions. Integration of API level with agencies covering all approvals whether their system is online or offline has also been set up. 


Now people can get approval of building plans within 48 hours and in a maximum of 7 days in case of a building having higher risks. This has laid to gain the trust of people on city services and the systemic functioning has also led to achieve efficiency in the system. 


The major challenges in delivering this project were the lack of awareness among the public and funds required for completing this project.


The project has led to establishing a single automated platform and a single point approval from necessary agencies.


The project is replicable and it can be endorsed by other smart cities of the country for building plan approval systems. 

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