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SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: City
Sub-Category: subCity
Project: Bhubaneswar.Me ( Unified City Portal)
Start Date: 2018-11-05
Organisation: Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited
Respondent: Mr Kamaljit Das, General Manager
Level: Premium


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Case Study

Automation of Citizen-Centric Services in Bhubaneswar


Earlier there was no unified portal from which the citizens of Bhubaneswar could apply for services from different departments. There were multiple Systems for different citizen services hinder the growth of a unified platform to deliver services to citizens and in the absence of an online system the citizens were dependent upon manual applications for services and approvals. The dependence on the manual system reduced transparency and accountability in the system.


The solution implemented is a single-window portal for the dissemination of information, services and approvals to the citizens of the Bhubaneswar Smart City. The system facilitates ease of doing business by providing features like auto-population of information and documents provided by the citizen.


The backend is a robust hierarchical workflow-based system enabling smooth transfer of actionable applications/requests/complaints. E-Governance  Services such as Birth and Death certificate, Booking of Assets, Marriage Registration etc are linked to the portal. Through the Portal, any user can seek service, status check on service requests and get information about various services. The system is scalable in all aspects be it user access, database capability, load, performance providing longevity


Scattered & Ineffective service delivery and lack of accountability & transparency was there earlier and the dependency on manual systems wherever automation is absent. 


Progressive Web App, is a hybrid of regular web pages (or websites) and a mobile application and mobile First Design, which emphasizes content over navigation for users to get the information quicker. Chatbot, citizen portal to help citizens to access the portal in a better way.


Replicating similar projects is possible and the expansion to enable Ready to integrate Open Architecture

For more information, please contact:
Mr Kamaljit Das, General Manager at

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