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Category: Corporate
Sub-Category: SubServices – Medium Enterprise
Project: Nagarkaryavali
Start Date: 2018-04-01
Organisation: ASCENTech Information Technology Private Limited
Respondent: Mr Ashutosh Vithal Samant, Managing Director
Level: Premium


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ASCENTech Information Technology Private Limited


Delay in the process – Earlier as the process was manual, the assessment of the property was taking a long time hence affecting revenue and impacting citizen Services in an adverse manner, Providing required certificates instantly to Citizens was difficult in the manual system. Earlier the whole system was centralized which was creating an unnecessary load on HO and hence delaying the overall process.


The process included de-centralisation of the assessment process users. Then the data entry is done in automated ways at the operator level in respective wards. This automated new assessment process has increased the overall working efficiency to a very large extent. The system is designed according to the guidelines mentioned in The Maharashtra Municipal Corporations act.


These solutions increased revenue by around 25%, earlier the assessment used to take around one week but it is now completed in a few hours. The accuracy has also increased because the system is now automated all processes are giving accurate results by avoiding human mistakes.


Citizen services were hampered due to manual intervention led to a delayed response to Citizens for the Property tax billing, collection and communication, Nagarkaryavali simplified it by providing a web portal specifically designed for citizens because of which now citizens can visit the website and View, pay their property tax bills also can raise complaints online through the web portal and track the status of their complaints.


Though the application suite contains many innovative features but the most innovative feature was implemented in property tax assessment module which is critical for Municipal Corporation as well as Citizens. The same is summarised below.

  • This automated process is formulated in to overcome all issues in manual assessment process.
  • Base rate configuration is maintained in application based on geographical area (Zone) as decided by Municipal Corporation.
  • Application initiated with entry of recovery block, on selection the Base Rate configured against the zone of recovery block is automatically fetched and mapped against entry being made.

Opportunities:Can be replicated in 27 Municipal Corporations in Maharashtra and in 300+ Urban Local bodies with Little customization in Maharashtra. Application can be replicable in States other than Maharashtra (PAN India)

For more information, please contact:
Mr Ashutosh Vithal Samant, Managing Director at

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