COVID 19 waste management in the State of West Bengal by West Bengal Pollution Control Board, West Bengal Pollution Control Board

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Excellence in Response to COVID
Sub-Category: Environment
Project: COVID 19 waste management in the State of West Bengal by West Bengal Pollution Control Board
Start Date:
Organisation: West Bengal Pollution Control Board
Respondent: Dr Kalyan Rudra, Chairman/CSM

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For more information, please contact:
Dr Tapas Kumar Gupta, Chief Engineer (Planning & Waste Management Cell)/CSM at

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  1. We at WBWML incinerating daily about 1.5 MT to 2 MT Covid waste daily as per CBPB disposal normal.
    Our facility is at Haldia Sutahata .As a Operation Head I vouch a safe operating procedures and daily disposal in adherence to all compliance for health safety of my facility.
    I wish to follow the same in coming days
    Avrajit Bhattacharya

  2. I personally appreciate the commendable initiative by West Bengal Pollution Control Board for management of COVID waste throughout the state of West Bengal with efficient monitoring and its management through West Bengal Waste Management Ltd Haldia and Medicare facilities.
    Being COVID warriers, the board has really helped the state to recover from this pandemic situation with efficient management.

  3. In this prevailing situation of pandemic caused by corona virus where nation is completely battered by the virus and facing an economic catastrophe,establishment West Bengal waste management limited backed by WBPCB is playing a vital role in scientific disposal of the waste emerging out from the hospitals engaged in the treatment of this virus through the gigantic incinerator plant. They are serving the humanity and deserve our gratitude.

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