UVConn – Union Bank of India

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Services – Other
Sub-Category: BFSI
Project: UVConn
Start Date: 2021-11-11
Organisation: Union Bank of India
Respondent: Mr Devakanth Nori, Assistant General Manager



For more information, please contact:
Mr Devakanth Nori, Assistant General Manager at devakanth@unionbankofindia.com

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  1. Fantastic interface. You can do almost everything throught WhatsApp itself. A full-fledged banking interface with all basic and necessary services.

  2. Product that suits to the general public for getting basic banking infornation about their accounts. Auxillary services are really unique in this product.

  3. UVconn is a very promising WhatsApp banking launched by union bank of india. It’s very user friendly and provides lot of features for the customers. I just hope it comes in other Indian languages sooner to reach the rural mass as well. It’s going to be the best and rock the banking industry.

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