EhSAS (e-Swachchta Abhiyan for Secure Society) – Ratnagiri Police Department

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: State – District
Sub-Category: Cyber Security
Project: EhSAS (e-Swachchta Abhiyan for Secure Society)
Start Date: A
Organisation: Ratnagiri Police Department
Respondent: Mr Vikram Patil, Police Naik



For more information, please contact:
Mr Vikram Patil, Police Naik at

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  1. Sir, it has been very effective to the people’s of Manipur which includes the college students and other citizens of Manipur after delivering ehSaS project in our state, (Manipur) during your tenure.. Delivering or initiating the EhSaS in the very present scenario in mass will be great helpfull and
    to prevent from cyber crimes. Sir, you doing a good Job..

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