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IWMP-III, Khallikote: A Cluster Approach – Project Director, Watersheds, Ganjam

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Government – Water
Sub-Category: Water – Watershed Development
Project: IWMP-III, Khallikote: A Cluster Approach
Start Date: 11-May-2011
Organisation: Project Director, Watersheds, Ganjam
Respondent: Ms Mishra Ipsita

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For more information, please contact:
Ms Mishra Ipsita, Assistant Soil Conservation Officer

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  1. Measures quite useful for preserving the natural resources and for stabilising Ground water ,thus making water availability to plants at the time of need.
    Very well executed keeping in view of socio economic conditions of the locals and locality

  2. Dreams of our farmers come to reality if we closely observe the pre and post projects being implemented by Department of soil conservation and watershed development.

    We should keep it up

  3. cluster basis approach of watershed development brings a holistic development of the watershed dwellers.
    The above project has been implemented in systemic manner and obtained excellent results.

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