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SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Corporate
Sub-Category: Response to COVID
Project: Pon Pure Chemicals Group
Start Date: 2020-03-27
Organisation: Pon Pure Chemical India Private Limited
Respondent: Mr Vinoth K, Company Secretary

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For more information, please contact:
Mr M.P. Suryaprakas, Executive Director at surya@pure-chemical.com

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  1. Our company Pon Pure Chemicals India contributed excellently , Top management supported each and every employee to be safe & we bounced back to the business when the pandemic brought the world stand still

  2. Proud to be share this Pon Pure Chemical India Private Limited Employees are also like corona front line warriors because all pharmaceutical/packaging raw materials Chemicals supplying on time in the pandemic situation. pon pure employees are part of the covid-19 warriors

  3. Very Very Good Support & responses during the Covid-19 time from Pon Pure Chemical Group – Initial time we are very panic from company arrange the webinar and zoom meeting with best doctors and how to safe against covid-19

    During the emergency time also help from company end very well

  4. The approach towards society & employees during the Pandemic Period is commendable and it reflects the companies culture which nourished and built since 1981.

  5. As a responsible corporate served the society & its stake holders with lot of compassion during the Pandemic times .
    It reflects the true culture of the organisation which was carefully built on ethical values since 1981.

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