Bin Free City and GVP(Garbage vulnerable points) Free City ,Municipal Corporation Kurnool – Municipal Corporation Kurnool

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Sanitation – Municipality
Sub-Category: Transformation
Project: Bin Free City and GVP(Garbage vulnerable points) Free City ,Municipal Corporation Kurnool
Start Date: 2020-11-01
Organisation: Municipal Corporation Kurnool
Respondent: Mr DK Balaji , Commissioner



For more information, please contact:
Mr DK Balaji Commissioner at

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  1. Bin free city is a great initiative by our KMC.. Waiting to see many changes in sanitory section… Change in waste collection, road cleaning, drianage cleaning.. are taking place..

  2. Kurnool Municipal Corporation(KMC) made a phenomenal clean and green transformation to the Kurnool City since past 2 years under the supervision of Sri D K Balaji Sir, Commissioner, KMC

  3. It is a good and simple idea to make city clean, method of changing human behaviour making the place very clean is really good sir, simply changing timeings of transport vehicles got great results really superb, very nice and clean explanation, to achive target simple methods fallowed got great results it is really role model idea for other cities also.hattsoff to KURNOOL commissioner sir

  4. Take smart and effective actions apart from any locals/political involvement .. use & interfere youth and seek their suggestion such that they will feel responsible..

    Display mock events of irresponsible acts & fine them wrt that act .. to educate ppl in general..

  5. Yes, really…….excellent working of employees in kurnool municipal corporation in all the activities doing in good manner. We are very happy about BIN FREE CITY. we are proud to as kurnool citizen.

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