Large Scale Recycling of Treated Water from Bengaluru for Indirect Groundwater Recharge – Minor Irrigation Department, Karnataka

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Minor Irrigation – State Department
Sub-Category: Sustainability
Project: Large Scale Recycling of Treated Water from Bengaluru for Indirect Groundwater Recharge
Start Date: 2018-03-01
Organisation: Minor Irrigation Department, Karnataka
Respondent: Mr C. Mritunjaya Swamy, Secretary



For more information, please contact:
Mr C. Mritunjaya Swamy, Secretary at

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  1. Very useful project, especially for Kolar and Chikkaballapur farmers as they are mostly dependent on ground water for Farming.
    Farming in Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts is very diverse which includes Horti, Agri & Sericulture crops.

  2. “we got a ladder for ground water increases”
    We are happy for innovative development step for ground water recharge…by visible source…

  3. This project rejuvenated ground table of Kolar district. Previously it’s faced large water scarce. Nowadays it looking water filled everywhere across Kolar and Chikballapura districts.Thankful to Minor Irrigation department of Government of Karnataka

  4. This project has helped 5lac people and filled 284 lakes which were all dry previously. Water table has risen from 1500ft to 300ft.
    The greenery of entire Kolar district has vastly improved and a great sight to see
    Thanks to MI dept

  5. This is the first of its kind Project in India. This is a innovative project. Its my previlege to serve as Exective Engineer Quality control during the execution of these projects. This model is now being copied by several states in India.

    The Project envisages in supplying treated sewage water to about 176 tanks in Kolar district and about 65 tanks in chikkaballapur dist. Thereby improving the ground water level in these districts. This water is also directly used for irrigation purpose. But not potable. There were several petitions filed under PIL during the implementation of this project in high court of karnataka and also Supreme court. But GOK won the case in both the courts.
    Now the same scheme is already being implemented in several districts of karnataka.

    I request the world bank to fund these type of projects and encourage in preservation of depleting water source.

    Thank you

  6. Very good project , which helps in ground water improvement , government should insist more projects in future fir development of nation .

    Thanks / Regards
    DgM projects orissa

  7. This one of time changing project in our area , although I am in odisha my relative in that MI coverd area having good results.

  8. Sir, I am Shashikant P the, technical Assistant at Minor Irrigation and Ground water development department, North Zone Vijayapur, voted for our department’s recycling of treated water project.

  9. Sir, I am Shashikant P Desai, technical Assistant at Minor Irrigation and Ground water development department, North Zone Vijayapur, voted for our departmentโ€™s recycling of treated water project. Thank you.

  10. A very good project our Kolar District into pron drought area from this project the water table is increased from 1200 to 450 -500feet and the rain fall improved from last 2 years I appreciate the G.O.K and department worked for this project and I expect expand to more capacity of water treated and fill the Tanks as Kolar District having nearly 2500 tanks as our District is not having pennial river’s

  11. A very good project and the capacity of filtering sewage water to be increased and more tanks to be filled as we r in drought pourn area and the Ground water level fall down to 1500 feet and more after implementing this project the water table increased to 450 to 500 feet in and around Kolar taluk so kindly extend this project to higher capacity so that we can fill more tanks in kolar district
    With regards.

  12. Really fantastic thought and value addition for sustainable development ๐Ÿ‘ Hat’s off to Sri Mruthyunjaya sir๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  13. Recharging the ground water from every individual location shall be helpful to improve irrigation potential and uplift the social status of farmers

  14. It’s a good project, Since it increases ground water table and creates a very good irrigation source for farmers to take up multi cropping system.. And increase crop productivity as well as household income.

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