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Roing Police’s Response to COVID-19, Lower Dibang Valley District Police

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Police Response to COVID-19
Sub-Category: Response to COVID-19
Project: Roing Police’s Response to COVID-19
Start Date: 25-Mar-2020
Organisation: Lower Dibang Valley District Police
Respondent: Mr Sanjay Kumar Sain

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For more information, please contact:
Mr Sanjay Kumar Sain, Superintendent of Police

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  1. As we have seen through the presentation and the videos ,the police force of Lower dibang valley Roing did a great and fabulous job during the hard times when the corona pandemic was on highs .All the officers under the guidance of Mr. Sanjay Sir ips joined hands to aware the people of valley about the proper hygiene and sanitization . Officers provided all the facilities to the people who were suffering because of lack of food and shelter.they tried their hard for the sake of poor people of valley.they have come up with an innovative way to spread the message of hope to the people and to let them know that we will get through these trying times together.Really a great work by the force.A great salute to all the police department for their initiative for sake of valley people.Working on something difficult
    And getting the desired results is the feeling of pride and the police force proved it in Roing .grand salute to all! JAI HIND

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