E Platform For Indian Oil Customers (EPIC), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Excellence In Inspirational Or Transformational Performance During Covid
Sub-Category: Inspirational or Transformational Performance during COVID
Project: E Platform For Indian Oil Customers (EPIC)
Start Date: 19 March 2020
Organisation: Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
Respondent: Mr Umesh Goel, Executive Director (IS)

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For more information, please contact:
Mr Umesh Goel, Executive Director (IS) at GoelU@indianoil.in

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  1. IOCL has come up with very innovative initiatives in recent days to benefit its wide spread customer which made seamless supply to every household in this Pandemic.

  2. I proud to be a part of this project ujjwala yojana because of OMC .
    And also face the problems in corona period we help the all people’s so that again thanks to our all 3 oil company.
    And special thanks Dharmendra pradhan sir because of he loves and Care all our human being.

  3. Feel proud as IOCIAN, at the uncanny coincidence of the whole project coming through at the right time. In the history of our existence on mother earth, when Mankind was possibly at its worst tussle with an invisible enemy(rather still is !!) and at the cusp of surmounting uncertainty brewing across the nation, IOCL ensured every household could cook for their family without any trouble by maintaining uninterrupted supply of LPG. The EPIC project was pivotal in achieving such a daunting task.

  4. Excellent success story of IOC not only for seamless operation of all business process in the pandemic time but also rolling out the changes for enhance the services to partners which results in many more appreciation by the consumers. Kudos to entire IT team and the its leaders to take forward the organization to newer heights which is very Inspirational and Transformational Performance during COVID.

  5. Commendable work done by team IOCL and still being done in the covid 19 pendemic. The delivery man supplying refill cylinders to consumers are doing great job

  6. The ePIC transformation led to re-imagining of IOCL businesses to present a customer-grade experience for all IOCL stakeholders, while also driving the nation-wide social transformation agenda at the ‘grassroot’ level, ensuring women empowerment, rural enablement, and direct benefit transfers to millions of Indian households via Ujjwala Yojana.

    The value ePIC delivered came to the fore especially during the COVID19 period when IOCL ensured essential services and kept the kitchen fires burning for close to 130 million consumers.
    With the commencement of the PMGKY, i.e.: direct benefits transfer scheme for the poor and marginalized – the ePIC platform helped deliver all core benefits under this scheme to BPL families, demonstrating remarkable agility and determination.

  7. Commendable work being done by team IOCL and its Channel Partners, including LPG Distributors and Delivery-Boys in ensuring LPG refill-delivery to Indane Customers pan-India, amidst all the constraints due to COVID-19 pandemic.

  8. 1st I thanked to honourable minister Dharmendra Pradhan for his work of free refilling of ujjwala gas for poor people during covid 19 and also I thanked all the workers and distributors of OMC. I’m also feeling proud myself as I can help the poor people during covid 19.

  9. I would like to extend my heartiest thanks to Sri Dharmendra Pradhan ji hon’ble minister of Petroleum&Natural Gas and Steel,New Delhi for his dedication and support to success the Ujjwala Program.Also thanks to to all stake.holders along with personels of OMC and distribution centre for their remarkable works during the Covid-19 pendamic period.


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