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Hubballi-Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System, HDBRTS Co Ltd

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Environment and Sustainability
Sub Category : Sustainable Development
Project: Hubballi-Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System Organisation: HDBRTS Co Ltd
Start Date: 02-Oct-2018
Respondent: Mr Krishna Bajpai

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Mr Krishna Bajpai, Managing Director at

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  1. BRTS is Best ,has its providing good service and the AC buses running between twin city at reasonable fare.The separate lanes for brts makes the journey time less.

  2. One of Best Public Transportation in the country by HDBRTS
    It serve 1.5-2 lakh daily commuters between Hubballi n Dharwad smartcities with dedicated 4 lanes exclusively for HDBRTS Buses and 4-lanes for Mixed Traffic from CBT/Hubballi Railway Station to Dharwad City.
    It has 100+ UD AC Buses with State of art Bus stations.
    Main Components
    Intelligent Transport System
    Adaptive Traffic Control Systems
    Platform Screen Doors
    Central Control Centre
    BRT Terminal, 32 Median BRTS Stations,
    Regional Interchange Bus Terminal, City n Suburban Terminals, 2Depots, Divisional Workshops, 1City Depot and Corporate office.
    HDBRTS has 3 flyovers/Grade Separators 6 Footover Bridges.
    Smart Traveling Cards for Cashless Travel.

  3. One of the best BRT projects creating positive impact across all segments users, operators, sponsors, technology, economy and job creation etc.,

  4. It is good project and public of Hubli and Dharwad are loved to travel through these AC Buses at lowest fairs , fast, safe and luxurious service .
    If the flyovers are constructed at junctions it make journey more faster and memorable and hashless

  5. very nice project
    In dedicated brts lane some Private vehicles are running so no one can control that system
    in maharasrta state police department regarding traffic rules very strict but why not in hubballi dharwad

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