Response to COVID – Government of Kerala

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Skill – State
Sub-Category: Governance
Project: Response to COVID
Start Date: 2020-03-27
Organisation: Government of Kerala
Respondent: Mr Pranabjyoti Nath, Secretary to Government



For more information, please contact:
Mr Pranabjyoti Nath, Secretary to Government at

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  1. The guest labourers were given all sorts of protection and security during covid lockdown. It was amazing to know that milk, covid protective materials and other food materials was supplied during the lockdown period. Special trains were run during the period to get them back to their home states. There was no covid breakdown among the guest workers in Kerala.
    I vote for this project.

  2. Steps undertaken by the Government of Kerala during COVID – 19 is praiseworthy. Particularly, logistics support extended for mobilisation of people during lockdown is another milestone. The strategy implemented by Shri Pranabjyoti Nath, the then labour commissioner of Government of Kerala is an example admire by the all classes of people in every corner. At the end we can defeat the pandemic united together.

  3. He is one of the finest IAS officer and I have great fond of memories to work with him. He is known for excellency in work, advocacy to connect stakeholders with supreme act of governance. I wish him all the best for this award.

  4. Mr. Pranab Jyoti Nath is a dynamic leader and during his tenure in Odisha he had worked a lot for enhancing livelihoods of the the community especially women. He is very keen on using technology for planning, sustainable agriculture, enterprise development.
    I have been following him since his Odisha days. He is very humble and has a deep sense of responsibility for the guest workers and has done a tremendous work in Kerala for creating new opportunities for them. His work is commendable. I wish him all the best

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