Karutham Kurunnine (Caring Our Kids) – District Planning Office, Alappuzha.

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: other – District
Sub-Category: Social Responsibility
Project: Karutham Kurunnine (Caring Our Kids)
Start Date: 2021-09-23
Organisation: District Planning Office, Alappuzha.
Respondent: Dr Renu Raj, District Collector



For more information, please contact:
Dr Renu Raj, District Collector at planningalpy@gmail.com

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  1. It is holistic initiative of District Planning Committee, Alappuzha to facilitate infrastructural as well as basic amenities for the 2150 Anganwadies in the District.

  2. ICDS is such an integrated part of India and its the responsibility of each and every citizen of India to safeguard ICDS and make it perfect. So this project gives an eye opening to the society how the ICDS functions. whole support to District Planning committee for such a responsible project.

  3. Todays children and tomorrows citizen. So we must make sure that our kids are grown properly and all their development is correctly monitored. In order for all these ICDS and Anganwadis are formed. So the effectiveness od working of Anganwadis have to be monitored clearly and this project is such a meritorious one that clearly describe how the Anganwadis functions and also how to make more effective. Support to District Planning Committee for such a good project.

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