Mental Health Interventions – District Administration Ghaziabad

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: State – District
Sub-Category: Inspirational or Transformational Performance during COVID
Project: Mental Health Interventions
Start Date: 2020-04-30
Organisation: District Administration Ghaziabad
Respondent: Ms Asmita Lal, Chief Development Officer

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Ms Asmita Lal, Chief Development Officer at

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  1. Excellent insight into the psyche of average people..general public at large…everything so far brushed under the carpet of Covid.1st time an attempt made to analyse the finer aspects covid has affected people’s lives

  2. Asmita Lal IAS Madam have done Excellent Work in Ghaziabad during Covid-19 pandemic time. She started multiple innovative efforts to ensure wellbeing of people of Ghaziabad.

  3. Exemplary work done by young officer Ms Asmita Lal in unprecedented times, it is indeed a fact that COVID 19 has affected human kind like never before and the change in psyche is for good. The biggest impact of pandemic is on mental health of human society to a great extent.

    The work done by Ms Asmita and the work ongoing deserves honest appreciation.

  4. Excellent work done by Asmita at a time when people are too scared to come out in the open.To lend a helping hand and to reach out to those who need all.kinds of assistance is something everyone doesn’t do. God bless you for your efforts. You must have really filled your jholi with blessings and gratitude. Please keep the great work going. The pandemic is still on.

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