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Drone Application And Research Centre, Department of Information Science and Technology, Government of Uttarakhand

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Excellence in Technology
Sub-Category: Technology – Aviation Technology
Project: Drone Application And Research Centre
Start Date: 09-Jul-2018
Organisation: Department of Information Science and Technology, Government of Uttarakhand
Respondent: Mr Sanjay Mathur

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For more information, please contact:
Mr Sanjay Mathur, Task Force Manager

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  1. Good initiative taken by government and it will be useful in further development of our state in various fields… kudos to ITDA,Uttarakhand government

  2. Good initiative taken by Government of Uttarakhand.It is usefull in health sector, Disaster Management, Police Department and other areas of Uttarakhand and other States.
    Government of Uttarakhand used drone technology to monitor and control the COVID19 situation.
    Drone technology is emerging as new era technology and useful in different sectors.

  3. “DRONE” This is the “FUTURE”, and we are getting ready for it, it’s a very remarkable and great initiative taken by the Government of Uttarakhand

  4. Great concept in interactive patients management when the are behind the closed doors of ICU and HDU. I have seen myself how relatives feel reassured and patients feel comfortable and cared for with use of drones.

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