Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana (BKSY) – Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Economic value add – Other
Sub-Category: Economic Value Add
Project: Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana (BKSY)
Start Date: 2018-09-12
Organisation: Department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal
Respondent: Mr Subhas Sinha, Chief Executive Officer & Secretary



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Mr Subhas Sinha, Chief Executive Officer & Secretary at

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  1. Very useful and successful scheme for farmers. Farmers’ share of premium is given by the state Govt. so implementation of the scheme is very easy and farmers get benefit without any problem as they need not to contact with insurance agency for their claim.

  2. Excellent innovative initiative for promoting climate resilient sustainable agriculture by enhancing water use efficiency and fertilizer use efficiency thereby minimizing the input cost for cultivation and assuring better farm income.

  3. The project is unique in nature for judicious utilization of water for increasing crop and water productivity under the back drop of shrinking water resource base. This is a economically viable and sustainable venture.

  4. To use the irrigation water judiciously alongwith maximum financial assistance from the government this project add an economic value to the life of small and marginal farmers of the West Bengal under direct supervision of department of Agriculture, Government of West Bengal.

  5. Very good scheme. Too helpful for our beloved farmers.
    We the functionaries of ATMA(Agricultural Technology Management Agency) posted at Krishnagar-II Block , Nadia always give our best to implement the said scheme.

  6. BKSY is very useful and eco-friendly scheme. Every farmers should take the benefit through this scheme for saving water for future generation and also for increasing profit through cultivation.

  7. Nice project for lowering the use of fresh water in agriculture fields and growing awareness among farmers the value of water and proper use of water for future generations.

  8. কৃষক বন্ধু প্রকল্পের সহায়তা পায়ে ,আমার বাবা খুবই উপকৃত হয়েছে

  9. This is the scheme to wards most efficient use of irrigation water avoiding not oly loss of water resource/ soil water conservation while avoiding Floyd irrigation wherever possible, particularly during intermittent dry spell during monsoon and post monsoon dry spell and conserving underground as well as surface reservoirs capacity.
    This scheme also created requires skilled manpower and attracting educated yout in the field with skill development and additional service related job opportunities.

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