Gujarat CM Dashboard – Chief Minister Office

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: State – Ministry
Sub-Category: Governance
Project: Gujarat CM Dashboard
Start Date: 2018-05-04
Organisation: Chief Minister Office
Respondent: Mr Manoj Kumar Das, Additional Chief Secretary



For more information, please contact:
Mr Manoj Kumar Das, Additional Chief Secretary at

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  1. The CM Dashboard is observe all work at telescopic and microscopic level and it constantly updates real-time data from government services and send backs directives, across the state down to the district to village level and its do all remedial measures.

  2. CM Dashboard is a wonderful platform to monitor the Government offices working from single platform. The Key Indicators are best judge to decide on the improvement of various government departments.

  3. Excellent citizen service oriented and best management tool in hand of administrators and leaders. Lots of congratulations to team who has created it my brick by brick in time tested manner also lots of congratulations as it is created in house without spending even a extra penny to software giants as application fees. Also hats off to deputy secretary in CMO shri Hitesh Gohil who has relentlessly worked for the dream of Hon. CM sir to make it reality. Each menu and functionality has its relavance in policy planning and management of information. I don’t want to exaggerate but perhaps best of the best MIS tools available in market can not do such a gigantic task in such a easy to use interface and wide applicability. Lots of Congratulations to all who have made this reality.

  4. Government of Gujarat is frontleading in e-governance and role model for all governing bodies to achieve Sustainable Developmental Goals of United Nations before 2030.

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