Malegaon Pattern of Corona Control – Anti Corruption Buraeu Nashik

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Anti Corruption Buraeu – District
Sub-Category: Inspirational or Transformational Performance during COVID
Project: Malegaon Pattern of Corona Control
Start Date: 2020-05-13
Organisation: Anti Corruption Buraeu Nashik
Respondent: Mr Sunil Devidas Kadasne, Supreintendent of Police



For more information, please contact:
Mr Sunil Devidas Kadasne, Supreintendent of Police at

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  1. The work done by Shree Sunil Karane, in Malegaon is,really extraordinary, the innovative ideas to educate people of Malegaon has won confidence and educate them to fight the pandemic. Hat’s off to shree Sunil Kadasne

  2. Great work done bySp sunil Kadasne!! Excellent police officer with a special gift from god to understand human and resolving their problems

  3. Corona 19 viras is very dangerous .This period all world , India ,state and Malegaon,dist Nashik very critical condition all workers Drs and Policemen needful duties .State Government decided Mr Sunil Kadasne is best officer Malegaon city people full confidence control of Corona viras immediately order issue . Mr Sunil Kadsane is real Corona yodha front line in Malegaon fue month control of Corona viras and other facilities.all People is happy ness.

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