APSCHE – Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: State – Autonomous
Sub-Category: Response to COVID
Project: APSCHE
Start Date: 01-Mar-2021
Organisation: Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education
Respondent: Prof Hemachandra Reddy Konireddy, Chairman



For more information, please contact:
Prof Hemachandra Reddy Konireddy, Chairman at chairman.apsche@gmail.com

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  1. APSCHE has been in frontline in conducting online admissions into various professional and non-professional courses in all the universities and colleges in Andhra pradesh and bringing reforms in higher education and technical education with more skill orientation programmes successfully.

  2. APSCHE deeds and implementations are high appreciable. Even in critical situation like Covid pandemic, the tremendous efforts put in by APSCHE in enhancing the level of education is highly remarkable. We are thankful to the governance body which lights up the spirit in students and teachers who thrive to catch up the current technology & development through various programmes

  3. Our P.S.R.Law College, Turangi,Kakinada is a private college functioning since last 30 years. we have produced eminent judges,Law officers and eminent Lawyers.Our college affiliated to Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajamehandavaram.At Present this college is imparting 3 year LL.B & 5year B.A.LL.B.,

  4. H’ble APSCHE Chairman, Prof. K.Hemachandra Reddy Sir has been kept exllent efforts in both online admissions and as well as online classes by following the Covid-19 regulations successfully.. Really awesome …..

  5. APSCHE Chairman took lot of initiatives even in Pandemic Covid19 situation. Formulation of necessary guidelines for JNTUA R20 regulations with special emphasis on skill orientation kind of programs in the curriculum. Designed for conduct of online classes with SOP protocols. I hearty greetings and congratulations to APSCHE in this regard.

  6. APSCHE is very good AP state autonomous body well organising and working as good functionaries in higher education.The chairman , Secretary and all body members working dedicated with new innovative ideas in UG,PG levels

  7. Programs organized really helped a lot to both students and faculty community in continuing Academic Calendar during this prolonged Pandemic period.
    Placements happened during this period is the result of these programs only, failing which Students would have lost their Academics and Career.

  8. Good evening sir, very nice inputs made by you sir, and hope for better outcome sir.
    All the best sir
    Thanking you sir

  9. It’s been 2years since the pandemic started but we don’t let it stop us to achieve our higher education goals so i support higher education even in this pandemic

  10. Students are not interested online classes because of Lake computer technology. But few students are interested online classes.
    Online admissions is the better process.
    I think few internal marks are conduct in online exam.
    In this pandamic time online classes give some guidence of examinations.
    I request you sir change the degree paper valution as like intermediate..
    And also practicals.
    Thank you sir.

  11. Programs organized under Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) were very much useful for both Student and Faculty community.
    Guide lines given in the name of ‘Governing practices’ were very much useful for the Institutions in raising them to the International standards.
    Jagananna Vasathi Deevena and Vidya Deevena scheme provides financial aid to all of the students who are willing to study and gain higher education but unable to pay their fees because of the financial burden of their family. This in turn provide good opportunity to raise their living standards.
    Training Programs/Faculty Development Programs being conducted enabled the faculty to handle online classes comfortably with modern tools. This benefited the students not to loose Academic Year.
    Training Programs conducted for students enabled them to get Placed in MNCs.

  12. We appreciate the measures initiated by the APSCHE in all aspects of higher education in our state.By protecting all the stakeholders from Covid-19, like admission procedure and following process by decentralisation through technology and reducing commuting and contact time by providing necessary protocols for all services.
    We request you continue all the good things introduced by your office until we come out of this crisis completely.we congratulate all your team members for providing innovative and value addition services to the people of Andhra Pradesh

  13. I am sure that the Andhra Prabdesh State Council of Higher Education is succeed in conducting online classes in the period of loack down and simultaneous semester examinations were planed and successfully completed in the period of relief of covid-19. By this the student community was benefited as no gap in academic year, they did not lose their job opportunities and some of got admission into their further higher studies successfully. In this regard I would like to say thank to AP State council higher education for save the academic year of Andhra Pradesh students.

  14. In the department of electronics and communication engineering we want program language in our subject and the depth of the contents .

  15. In the department of electronics and communication engineering we want program language in our subject and the depth of the contents . In the first year onwards we want gate coaching and crt .beacuse these are starting in the 3 year we are unable to handle those situations .both education and crt

  16. Staying at home is safe and secure,but learning the academic syllabus in online is quite difficult to students then practical experience

  17. Really deserves appreciation especially during present pandemic crisis for effectively running the higher education system through blended mode.

  18. It’s a good negotiating body that creates interactive platforms for effective policy formulations pertaining to admissions, curriculum design, faculty recruitment and other teaching learning activities.

  19. The role of APSCHE in conducting Online admissions is commendable. It facilitated online admissions we’ll in the state.

  20. The vision and commitment of APSCHE towards the development of quality of education in the students is simply excellent. But there are always certain things ramained to be improved at ground realities..

  21. Sri Hemachandra Reddy garu is a intellectual personality and a hard worker. We should follow him to learn great things to have a leadership quality in our life.

  22. It’s a great work did for the development even at pandemic situation prevailed at India, without creating any problem to people lifes

  23. It’s a great work did for the development even at pandemic situation prevailed at India, without creating any problem to people lifes

  24. Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education deserves to be the best. Provides financial academic and placements to all students.

  25. It’s very useful , to take the online admissions .but some times whenever we pay the fee in online it have some problem .. online admission are very well to admit the students or any else but whenever we the payment it have some availability occurs

  26. If online exams under supervision is also implemented then it could enhance high reting like private universities like satyabhama

  27. I advise to have mask .only unavoidable circumstances you overcome.i my self suffered & maintained all advices given by Doctor…medication &food,keeping isolated from others to avoid further trouble. So my advice immediately consult doctor and increase inner ability and self confidence.

    If you bold enough you can winover happly and healthily.

  28. Good morning sir,
    In these covid 😷situation we can’t able to go to the college. But we are attending the online classes is should be better for every one and i am agree with the above presentation thanking you sir.