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Andhra Pradesh Integrated Irrigation and Agriculture Transformation Project, Andhra Pradesh Space Applications Centre (APSAC)

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Water
Sub-Category: Water – Efficient Water Use for Irrigation
Project: Andhra Pradesh Integrated Irrigation and Agriculture Transformation Project
Start Date: 16-Nov-2016
Organisation: Andhra Pradesh Space Applications Centre (APSAC)
Respondent: Dr Sundar Balakrishna

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For more information, please contact:
Dr Sundar Balakrishna, Vice Chairman

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  1. Most privileged to vote to this as such one of the great project lead by the team of APSAC.
    I congratulate each and everyone of the member involved in the project. I wish Good luck.

  2. Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. You know the hard work and dedication has a destination which is success. Best of luck for your team and congratulation for your achievements. Keep going.”

  3. Congrats! This is not a new surprise for us to see your success. Success is all your right from day one when you started achieving.”
    I wish a good luck to the entire team..

  4. I am involved in the Project as Team member. Tank analysis based on 75% yield using SCS-CN method. Based on Catchment area and ayacut of the tank , calculations., Balance yield of the tank, if plus value = Tank is viable. If minus value= Tank is not viable. Through this we can increase water use efficiency and enhance agriculture productivity and profitability.

  5. APIIATP project is really very beneficial to all users. In this project we used to learn a lot of information abt agriculture and irrigation.
    All the best.

  6. The crux of this work carried out by APSAC is the hydrological assessment of minor irrigation tanks for their suitability for modernisation.. The fully scientific method would prove a good tool for the assessment.

  7. This project having lot of information about irrigation and agriculture. its very useful to learning users. i also involved a small part in this project.

  8. Excellent scientific research and application methodology in the field of Agriculture and Irrigation. It paves the way for development at a larger scale in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
    Kudos to the teamwork and the leadership of the project.

  9. It is one of the Prestigious Project, carried out by APSAC,it is very useful for the Department of Water Resources, where one can plan and manage and monitor the flow of water into each tank, which inturn helps the farmers for efficient crop management.

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