Major initiatives from the department – Agriculture Production and Farmers Welfare Department, Kashmir

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Agriculture – Union Territory
Sub-Category: Agriculture, Food Processing and Food Safety
Project: Major initiatives from the department
Start Date: 2021-04-13
Organisation: Agriculture Production and Farmers Welfare Department, Kashmir
Respondent: Mr Mohammad Iqbal Chowdhary, Director



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Mr Mohammad Iqbal Chowdhary, Director at

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  1. Great initiatives by department of agriculture under the dynamic leadership of principal secretary sir and Director sir. These initiatives are going to change the fortunes of the farming community and take agriculture to newer heights

  2. Chowdary Mohammad Iqbal Director Agriculture and Farmers welfare Kashmir has prompted Organic farming and Had laid many efforts for the marketing of Farmers produce.

  3. Mr. Chaudhary Mohd Iqbal Director Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Kashmir i am pleased to give compliments about your today’s discussion.. it was fabulous and the way your goodself presented it was appreciable.. Besides, your good efforts toward farmers welfare cannot be ignored. Thank you

  4. Director Agriculture Kashmir Chowdhary Mohammad Iqbal has prompted to give all sorts of technical Assistance and guidance to the entrepreneurs, farming community and emphasized on the officers to prepare a training calendar so that necessary training to the interested farmers are imparted.

  5. Project targets of group of farmers and Chowdhury Mohammad Iqbal Director Agriculture Kashmir has laid his efforts for the development of farming community …..well-done sir …

  6. Excellent project Chowdhury Mohammad Iqbal Director Agriculture Kashmir Especially forming communities of Kashmir and benifit of dubling income of farmers

  7. Excellent project ch. Mohmad Iqbal Director Agriculture kashmir during the video conference all issue has been done for betterment for the farming communities of kashmir division

  8. Director agriculture Kashmir is known to be a visionary leader with strong futuristic plans for the welfare of the department and in particular to farming community

  9. I m fully satisfied with department of agriculture jammu and kashmir,during Pandemic they reached farm community to provide them the quality seeds, which increased our yield,

  10. Sir,
    Your endeavours have been versatile and highly professional.
    Salute your dedication in serving the farming community to the best of your capabilities.

  11. Commendable efforts and initiatives by the nominee, worthy Director of Agriculture Kashmir Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Chowdhary. Truly deserves the award for his innovative, upright and steadfast approach.

  12. Agriculture is the biggest sector in jammu and kashmir, the farmers are the backbone of our economy, the department always takes care and comes with better schemes as well as better scientific initiatives to enhance the production. This is the biggest department as well in the entire jammu and Kashmir.

  13. Agriculture and production department kashmir taken various good steps towards farmers community how farmers income will be double.whole farmers community of Kashmir well come these steps taken by director agriculture kashmir

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