Restoration of Reefs Using Electricity – A Suitable Technology to Enhance and Conserve Gulf of Kachchh Reefs – Marine National Park, Gujarat Forest Department

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Forests and Environment – State Department
Sub-Category: Environment
Project: Restoration of Reefs Using Electricity – A Suitable Technology to Enhance and Conserve Gulf of Kachchh Reefs
Start Date: 2019-03-01
Organisation: Marine National Park, Gujarat Forest Department
Respondent: Mr R Senthil Kumaran, Deputy Conservator of Forests

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For more information, please contact:
Mr R Senthil Kumaran, Deputy Conservator of Forests at

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  1. This has been an initiative by ZSI & MNP under word bank aided ICZM Project.
    I as APD for the state level agency have been associated with the project since day 1

    1. That is true Sir! Through the collaborative initiative by GEC, MNP & ZSI, we have achieved the coral transplantation of 1050 sq.m reef area. That breakthrough initiative also completed a world-class achievement of transplantation of branching corals, again in the Kachchh waters after some 10,000 years. You played a significant role in all these initiatives during your tenure at GEC sir, Thank you!
      But these nominated projects are the latest initiatives by the MNP and ZSI Sir.!

  2. Coral reefs are the highly productive ecosystem in our coastal zone and our saviours since they provide us with many goods and services. Unfortunately they are under threat and these ecosystems which are there for the past 250 million years are predicted to vanish in another 30 years, exposing us to the danger of extinction. Saving them is our prime duty, especially to save our generations. Coral restoration is now found to be the apt means to save coral reefs and this biorock technology is a prime restoration method. Hats off to Gujarat Forest department for their initiative and ZSI for meticulously installing it for the first time in India, that too with the support of the developer of this project himself (Dr. Thomas Goreau). This is another feather in the cap of Gujarat Forest Department for their sincerity and taking lead ahead of all other reef regions. I wish them all the best.

  3. surprising facts about coral reefs
    A quarter of all marine species live on coral reefs. …
    Corals are animals, not plants. …
    Half a billion people rely on coral reefs for food. …
    Coral reefs need sunlight to grow… …
    They act as a barrier during storms. …
    Coral reefs clean the water they’re in.

  4. As a large, living, breathing organism, they are essential for regulating carbon dioxide levels in the ocean. Therefore, these ecosystems play an important role in managing the effects of global warming.

  5. We all should encourage the good work done by Reef Managers and supporting Institutions, which will contribute immensely toward the conservation of our nation’s Coral Reefs. Hats off to the MNP, ZSI and IOCL, Vadinar for implementing such breakthrough initiatives.

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