Initiatives in Claims of Minimum Support Price – Karnataka Food And Civil Supplies Corporation Limited

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Services – State Owned Enterprise
Sub-Category: Performance
Project: Initiatives in Claims of Minimum Support Price
Start Date: 2022-01-01
Organisation: Karnataka Food And Civil Supplies Corporation Limited
Respondent: Mr Shivanand Kapashi, Managing Director



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Mr Shivanand Kapashi, Managing Director at

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  1. Very comprehensive and true to its commitment.! KFCSC has achieved this milestone during the tenure of Shri Shivanand Kapashi, IAS. The slides prepared by GM, KFCSC heralded the achievements.

  2. The initiation taken by our management is drastically changes the procurement of foodgrains under MSP, the presentation is very useful and informative Sir.

  3. The presentation on the subject is very illustrative and it will help all to understand that govt is taking continuous efforts to provide better service to nation. Excellent sir.

  4. My thanks & sincere appreciation sir for the awesome presentation and being voice of KFCSC, Karnataka 🙏🏻..
    Innovation, such as introducing Millets through PDS to the public with an affordable price is one of the most worthy concept to make Hon’ble Prime Minister’s MSP project more farmer as well as consumer friendly in full-fledged.It is globally accepted that, the millets are Organic, Highly nutritional and economical too and also which is essential for everyone irrespective of literate or illiterate, who is cautious about health after passing through terrific Pandemic worldwide. Since, the efforts are made by KFCSC, Karnataka, to enable the farmer get his amount for selling grains within 48 hours through DBT has took the farmer trust on MSP to another height. It is humbly requested to the Government to Consider these facts and please encourage millets by replacing Paddy, which will further yield healthy and wealthy contribution to full fill Hon’ble PM’s dream to see every farmer with double income ..🙏🏻

  5. Tq for enlightening presentation sir. Its pleasing to know Karnataka is the only state that added millets in PDS thru MSP to reach public at best cost. And wish to see growth in this healthy contribution to the country further with the kind co-operation of Government.

  6. Thank you sir. Nice informative presentation sir MSP is helping farmer in right way. Yes, millets are grown in draught area, with less water consumption, without pesticides/ chemicals and are economical and organic too. It’s too helpful for farmers to earn more profit with less investment.

  7. Thanks sir. Presentation is very explanatory. Earlier years, farmers need to wait for their payment approx 2-3 months, whereas this year the payment proceedings are done within 48 hours, which is a noticeable improvement in software development, manpwer, concerned team efforts, which definitely deserve an applause👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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