Mission Kakatiya – Irrigation & Command Area Department, Government of Telangana,Hyderabad

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Category: State – Department
Sub-Category: Governance
Project: Mission Kakatiya
Start Date: 2015-01-01
Organisation: Irrigation & Command Area Department, Government of Telangana,Hyderabad
Respondent: Mr Ramacharyulu Kadiyala, Executive Engineer

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Mr Ramacharyulu Kadiyala, Executive Engineer at encawtglegalcell@gmail.com

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  1. Mission Kakatiya was taken up Government of Telangana immediately after coming in to Government by Hon’ble CM K.Chadrashekhar Rao garu . Due to this the ground water and capacity of the tank was abnormally increased and saved crop from last wettings. Due to ground water, the availability of water for bore wells which are widely existing in indulated ground profile Telangana area. The farmers are given so many thanks to the newly formed Government for its committment towards Neellu, Nidhulu and Niyamakaalu. The first one was fulfilled by Mission Kakatiya scheme.

  2. It’s a wonderful. In my life I didn’t expect this kind of project in telangana. Hatsoff to all the Engineers and stakeholders.

  3. Mission Kakatiya is a very good project with many ecological and economical benefits. Kudos to the team.

  4. Mission Kakatiya is a good work done on the minor irrigation tanks to rejuvenile the ayacut lands and importantly to protect the nature by storing rain water in tanks.
    Kudos to Mission Kakatiya program
    Thank u

  5. Mission kakatiya programme restore minor irrigation tanks capacity to it’s original capacity. The tank bed soil makes farmers land very fertile and increases crop production.

  6. This project has increased Ground water level very much. Which effects increase in ayacut

  7. Mission kakatiya is a wonderful restoration program of tanks in Telangana and I am proud to say that I have worked for this program for five years and I felt very satisfactory for performing such duties.

  8. The objective of Mission Kakatiya is to enhance the development of agriculture based income for small and marginal farmers, by accelerating the development of minor irrigation infrastructure, strengthening community based irrigation management and adopting a comprehensive programme for restoration of tanks.

  9. This is a great project for restoration of old minor irrigation tanks in each and every village to public serve.

  10. Mission kakatiya is a stupendous scheme as it provided water source for dry regions in our state telangana and moreover it totally changed the lifestyle of many farmers with the ample available of water resources.
    Thankyou Telagana government for this appreciated move.

  11. Miission Kakatiya is a very good programme launched by the Telangana Govt. This programme had enabled the public participation in utilising the fertile soil from the tank bed for getting better crop production with minimal use of fertilizerserti

  12. Mission Kakatiya is a good programe launced by the telangana Govt. it enabled the public participation in utilising the fertile soil from the tank bed for free of cost to increase the crop production with minimal use of fertilizers,

  13. Mission Kakatiya is a good mission. Due to desilting works and repair works of tanks executed under this scheme ,ground water llevels are increased enormously in villages which in turn helped a lot for farmers who depended on openwells and borewells for farming.

  14. It is a every prestigious program lau nched by telangsna government which improves ground water and to feed chain of tanks .whic improves the agriculcture productivity of framers and their economic growth.

    1. It is a every prestegious program launched by the telangana government.which improves ground water level and to feed chain linking tanks .which improves agriculcture productivity and economy of farmers

    1. Many water storaged by the reason of mission kakatiya project …so this project most useful to every state

  15. Mission kakatiya flag ship programme of Govt.of telangana to restore MI tanks across the state to increase the ground water

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