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District Administration Khagaria, District Administration Khagaria

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Excellence in Response to COVID-19
Sub-Category: Response to COVID-19
Project: District Administration Khagaria
Start Date: 15-Mar-2020
Organisation: District Administration Khagaria
Respondent: Dr Alok Ranjan Ghosh

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For more information, please contact:
Dr Alok Ranjan Ghosh, District Magistrate

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  1. Excellent work done in khagaria district during covid-19.
    I proud of my District Magistrate is Mr Alok Ranjan Ghosh.

  2. मास्क सेनेटाइजर और दुरी का पालन अवश्य करें

  3. Went through the presentation. The effort & steps of the team during covid was vivid and evident. The team deserves appreciation

  4. He(respected) has many good altitude for popul and cencerned officer .
    1.newtons third law
    6.deeply understanding for any problem
    I like very very much sir

  5. the work for prevention and elemination of Covid 19 from District Khagaria by District Administration khagaria is praiseworthy.

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