Excellence in Response to COVID, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

SKOCH Award Nominee

Category: Response to COVID
Sub-Category:Response to COVID
Project: Excellence in Response to COVID
Start Date:
Organisation: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Respondent: Dr Debesh Patra Fellow Energy Institute, London Executive, Director, Planning

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For more information, please contact:
Mr Kharkar Ajit, Chief Manager – Planning Department at kharkarah@bharatpetroleum.in

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  1. Best teaching, Best practices, Best caring, Best daring, Best innovations, Best all round contributions, Best technology, Best in humane aspects, Best in Energy, Best of Best in excellence is Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.
    All the Best !

  2. BPCL has done excellent covid 19 control measures and keenly monitoring the same for employees, contractors, customers… etc. Also providing helping hand to the society, govt authorities on need basis….

  3. Bharat Petroleum always stands firmly with nation and nation building. Each of the employees take every opportunity of extending its role as a citizen and corporate with utmost zeal and vigour.

  4. BPCL is Serving people without fear amid COVID. Project sites were opened for providing employment to needy people. Its gives a immense satisfaction and fulfilment of the purpose!!

  5. Thanks giving to all BPCL wonderful social workers. You all the social workers actually deserve all countries very applauses as well as very gratitude for all the selfless as well as for all the work you all are actually doing so very unconditionally. Thankfulness to BPCL social workers and also for all their amazing work. BPCL is always on the front in case of any social work and stand with nation. Always fulfil their mission statement ” we energize lives”

  6. Very effective and proactive response shown by BPCL for precautions and Safety of Consumers, Distributors, Staff, labors and Drivers. Great Company with high Human Resource values.

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